When can we next realistically challenge for the league title?


What’s Arsenal, Liverpool and Tottenham’s net spend since say 2013 ? Anybody care to do the research ?


Too bad that’s irrelevant.


I can see this season going the same way as last season did with Wenger though. Didn’t we pick up a lot more points in the first half of last season compared to the second half ?


Why because our net spend is more than those 2 clubs in the last 5 years ?


We’re in a bad period and they’re in good periods. Both those clubs have had bigger lows in the past decade than we’re currently having.

Take away the production of Harry Kane and the miracle of Salah, and you’re not looking at Arsenal vs 2 title contenders.

At some stage, we’ll get lucky with a signing like that but until then it’s basically luck of the draw.


No because money invested is money invested lol. If you had enough money to invest in real estate 10 years ago, you are sitting pretty right now. Lolpool has always been able to spend more than us and invest in more assets than we could.

Although I will admit we have done piss poor with our investments and moving players on. Tottenham is about the ceiling of what a club like ours could do, and even they have spent more than us. They are never gonna win the title tho.


Been able to ? Or chose to do so ?


I dunno, Wenger is gone and we still aren’t spending big money. I think it’s apparent the club aren’t allowed to spend like City, United, Chelsea, and lolpool, for whatever reason.


I’m confident emery can do a Klopp with us, so 2020/2021 hopefully. I’ll take any position with a trophy this season to ease the pressure on him, it’s an improvement, top 4 a must next season, title challenge hopefully in the 3rd. I think he gets a pass until he gets some more players


Trolling is one thing but say this again and we might have to consider a ban. :gabriel:


So it boils down to our ownership / board being the biggest problem. Though when you run contracts down do players leave on frees and spend 35 mill on Mustafi you ain’t helping yourself.


Emery isn’t Klopp tho. Far from it


Yeah Klopp and Simeone were the 2 managers I personally wanted most, Klopp I thought was a happy medium as he plays attacking football to keep most our fan base happy.


I don’t envisage a title challenge again until Kroenke either sells up or drastically alters his investment model.

Mislintat and co. can search around for as many mid-range budget prospects as they like in the meantime. Every now and again we’ll have a hit among the misses, but until such time as we too can chuck £75m on a van Dijk then we aren’t moving up to the rank of title challengers


Yeah that’s the thing you might nail the odd budget prospect but it won’t ever be enough for a sustainable title challenge.


Since you made this thread Aussie, we’ve been horrendous :sweat_smile: Maybe do some sort of reverse jinx thread like, “When can we next realistically challenge for relegation?” and then we start doing well again :unai:


We’ll never win the league in my life time


I said this a couple of years ago and people thought I was being melodramatic, but I seriously think it’s a possibility. I’m early 30s now and I’m thinking I’ll have to be content with 2002 & 2004.


I’ve never seen it really :sob: I seen 2004 but I was just getting into football then as 12yr old and watched us lift the title on “the premiership” on itv and liked it but not as much as I would as an adult now


Yeah my brother is only 22 so he missed out also, he really started to get into the sport on the 2006 CL run.