When can we next realistically challenge for the league title?


Agreed, and tbh I don’t think Emery will allow us to collapse in the way Wenger did. We may not win, but we can challenge better.

Arsene was so tepid and never wanted to step in and lead the players properly during matches. He’d just sit there and figit with that stupid zipper and leave all the hard work to the players.

Unai is someone who will change things constantly to try and get us over the line and I think his passion has brought us a better mentality overall.


Lots of variables ahead of us without even taking into account the areas that need tweaking in our squad to talk about title challenges.


I honestly can’t see where in the near future we can compete with the likes of ManCity/Chelski and the other big spenders. Barring another stumble like 15/16, and even then we’d have to take advantage (unlike 15/16), I can’t see it in the next couple of years. I’d love to be wrong.


When you purely look at results and points total 79 (13/14), 75 (14/15, 16/17). On paper that is being close to compete (not to actually win obviously). If City and Liverpool stop having unnatural seasons that is. Question is if the current regime can make us break through that glass ceiling.


All very valid points everyone is making, I’m glad this discussion is taking off as I thought it was an interesting topic for a thread.

I do see the point some are making about the impeccable seasons Liverpool and City are having need to disintegrate, as you’d think around the mid 80s points wise is the sort that would be our ceiling as a club.

Also @Mysty I was just still in high school that last time we won the league, and geez it feels a long time ago :cry:.


Damn whippersnapper! Get off my lawn!


I started it in 04 haha!


If he gets the personnel he wants in the next two windows - i could actually see us pushing everyone next season !! Appreciate its a bit out there but we aren’t as far off as you’d think. If Emery had Liverpool, Utd or Chelsea as his team - they would definitely win with his tactics and drive !?


I think you’re overrating Emery’s tactical pedigree tbh, that’s not to say he’s poor as I think he’s reasonable but to say he’d win the league with the current Chelsea & united squads is rather far fetched.


Tbf I dont think anyone would win the title with them squads this season.


City are in a dominant cycle so not sure there is value in trying to go all out to compete next season. That will mean buying players who are approaching their peak but I don’t think we can get close to City at this point. It would be a waste of funds buying players who are in their late twenties.

We’re better off signing players in the Guendouzi, Torreira mould and building a team that will start peaking in 18+ months. We need at least 2 windows to sort out our entire defensive roster which is just a shit show.


What about Ozil and Auba and Laca at that point?

My concern is that if you build entirely with younger talent in defense and midfield, Arsenal’s forwards might be in decline at that point.


If you look at those players from a squad planning perspective, I’m not sure it was all that wise to have spent all that money on players who are already at their peak / peaked. But I get there were specific reasons / circumstances for each.

If Emery had been in charge last season, those decisions might have been different with a focus on building for the future.

Of course we have to try and compete because they will only be at their peak for a couple more seasons or so, but I don’t think they will be complimented by other superstars. We will surely be buying younger players in the coming transfer windows.


I think the main reason for buying Aubameyang was that he was an established top player and the fact that our transfer windows in previous windows had been so poor, and we had just sold the PL best player to one of our biggest rivals, meant that the board and Wenger were under a lot of pressure to get a top European player.

I agree that Emery won’t be doing this type of transfer on a regular basis because the club don’t have the same ambition as Liverpool, or the same spending power as Man City, so buying decent quality younger players with potential is the best option.


Realistically, if we can get top 4 this season or win Europa League. Go out in the summer and buy a commanding Center Back and Winger, replacement for Ramsey, all of top quality or more of those Torreira gems. Bring back Reiss Nelson and establish him as a first team player. Bring in the likes of Smith Rowe, Wilock and Mendley into the first team.

We should be good enough to challenge imo.


Genuinely don’t care. Just feel like it’s an actual possibly now which is enough for now.


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20/21 will likely be the season Emery gets the arse and we’ll be starting another rebuilding process.


Gotta get better players. It’s always been the case. When we have a net spend of half of the league leaders, and like 1/5 of the oil clubs, we’ll always be on the outside looking in. Wenger nearly managed a miracle with these bad teams a couple times, but we’re years behind in terms of investments.


When Kroenke sells the club.