What's your go to beverage?


Ginger ale




Thought it was ribena! Or is ribena reserved as the stronger stuff for shit days like when Arsenal get a mauling!


When outside it’s mostly beer, but we don’t have a lot of options here, it’s either lager or pilsners at most places. But it’s fairly cheap, so don’t mind it that much.

When at home it’s beers, rum, even more rum, followed by whiskey. Although I don’t mind experimenting with cocktails whenever I have the time.

This is what I have lying on the kitchen sink right now.


Grey Goose :ok_hand:


Tanqueray :ok_hand:





Gelato boy


Glass half full guy. Classic Arsenal.


Or, more likely, a girl that’s mixing it with fanta or sprite.


Red Bull


Champagne and Local IPA’s.


Every time I hear of IPAs now I think of this:

“Excuse me, what IPAs do you have on tap?”


As usual I’m the first to a social event due to my hatred of being late. I dont really mind the wait when it’s just about warm enough to sit by the canal with a pint


Or due to your alcoholism… :giroud:


Hatred of being late? Do elaborate


I’ve bought a bottle of semi expensive gin. Tonight is the night I find out if I am cool enough to be an OA hipster or not.


Not mentioning the brand. Clever. :slight_smile:


Well I didn’t want the gin hipsters to laugh at my naïve choices :expressionless:

Sainsburys basics :lemon:

Verdict: less awful than i remember, might be in the club :hipster::cristo:


Tanqueray no.10 is a banger my son. Get in