What's the last video game you played?

The game is huge I hope u dont have plans to play anything else this year

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I’d wait until you finish whatever you’re on now.

It’s fucking incredible but so immersive, you won’t want to play anything else.

So so good.

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i’d toss whatever game you’re paying right now and play this immediately tbh

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It’s an amazing game, it has good gameplay, great story, a great minigame in Gwent and tits.


Space invaders and I keep losing!!

I’m about 5 hours into Witcher 3. The storyline and world has already immersed the fuck out of me. Killed that big cunt royal griffin, felt good homes.

The mutagens, potions, abilities and shit are a bit too complicated for me to get my head around so far, but at heart, it’s a simple game.

Thoroughly enjoying it.


The best thing about Witcher 3 are the side quests. Don’t rush through the main story too quick, because you’ll miss so much.


You’ll figure that out as you go along, took me ages to get into that as well.


Is the whole Witcher franchise portable on the Xbox One? Never played the game before and reading through makes me want to play it!

Also, any Diablo fans here? Diablo 4 got announced recently and it looks sweet.

Who’s been playing Jedi Fallen Order??

Is it good? I’m buzzing for it

I’ve played a few hours, I fucking love it.

Like a tomb raider dark souls.

Oh and it’s beautiful, characters/development/cut scenes are nice as well.

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Sank about 10hours into so far it’s a good game plenty to see an do an u will spend alot off time bouncing between planets once you unlock skills so u can progress further into the planet maps.

Customising stuff is good asweel only complaint I have about the game Is some off the loading screen get stuck,
Some of the main characters lack details but it wouldn’t be a ea game without face issues.

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Only complaint is the Wookies look really shit.

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The RPG’s and shoot em ups make me feel sick when I play them like a motion sickness thing

So instead I have played a lot of a game called twilight struggle online these days but really it’s a board game translated to the PC/internet

In terms of pure video games nothing ever feels as good as burnout3 takedown to me- wish I still had a working PS2 so I could find my copy and play a load over the Christmas season when we have all these short days and what feels like the never ending night time

@Electrifying @Cristo Getting stuck into Witcher 3 properly now. Did all of White Orchard stuff, moved on to Velen.

My guy is only level 6. Am exploring all the question marks which is my preferred style rather than doing the main quest line. Often coming across monsters that are way above my level. Getting my ass kicked so I just avoid the cunts now when they are way above my level.

One time I stumbled on to a couple of Wyverns guarding some treasure. One of them followed my ass for ages even though I tried to run away. Literally ran for like 3 minutes, thought I got away and then the cunt came out of nowhere, flew down and one shot killed my ass with a big fucking claw. Scared the fuck outta me :rofl:


:joy: :joy:

There’s so much of that in this game haha

Dont be scared to completely wipe out an area of quests before moving because the game can get pretty hard


I’m still playing Far Cry New Dawn, doing all the fucking side quests and shit, I really do like to wring every last drop of value from any game I get into.

Reading @Sol has got me wondering what I’ve let myself in for once I move in to Witcher 3 haha


hahaha, yeah some of the “?” s are tough.

Make sure you do every quest and contract that you got a high enough level for.

you can come back and mop up the "?"s though lol


Witcher is one of the few open world games of this generation where I actually wanted to explore the world. Spider-man, Red dead and all the others felt incredibly dull in comparison.

So many games these days add garbage fetch missions to bulk out a game and it never really feels purposeful. The Witcher honestly felt like a world built with intent and those little question marks were more addictive than cocaine.


Yeah that’s what I do - move from each undiscovered area to another quite methodically. I will start doing more contracts as well.

My ass is constantly broke because I spend all my coin on repairing gear. Is there an easier / cheaper way? After a couple of fights, the swords are pretty much fucked then I spend my paltry funds entirely on some twat blacksmith. I never have enough to buy a better sword so I have to hope I luck out with finding something or crafting one.