What was the last film you watched?


Just watched Gladiator finally for the first time.

Might just be the best film I’ve ever seen.

Ffs I’m in bits. I’m crying lol, and not even cos I’m sad or happy or anything, just crying cos it’s so epic. :giroud3:


Jesus, how have you made it this far in life without seeing Gladiator?!



I’m probably one of the least film interested people around, and even I’ve seen Gladiator :arteta:

Interesting reading through the kinda films people have watched in this thread. I feel rather out of place being in here tbh :grimacing:


Damn Gladiator is that good eh? Never seen it myself, I don’t really like overly violent films.


It’s not a film I would consider violent. Most popcorn action films have more violence than Gladiator.


Im yet to see it too lol


How on earth have you lot not seen Gladiator? It’s an amazing film. One of my favourites.




Apart from all of the fighting, stabbing, decapitation, strangling, burnings, hangings and so on.


It is pretty violent but I think we’ve all been sensitised to it after things like GoT


I has violence in it, but I wouldn’t necessarily call it a violent film.


LOL you just proved yourself wrong (or right whichever way you want to look at it) @Jules


In your opinion, what makes something a violent film or not violent film, if it isn’t whether or not it has a lot of violence in it?


Really wanted to watch Fifty Shades Freed with my wife, but she just refused… probably worried if I would imitate anything from the movie…

So… we ended up watching Infinity War… pure violence but no sex scene…
Too much Avengers in the past few years… but I do like the Thor-Hulk combo… very funny… and Dr. Strange also.


I guess when the violence is the driving factor behind the film, rather than the underlying narrative.

War films are great examples of this. They’re usually inundated with violence, but that violence is a backdrop to a good story.


Isn’t the violence is the driving factor in Gladiator though? The whole plot of the film is a direct result of Commodus killing his father to assume the throne and then slaughtering Maximus’ family.

The violence isn’t incidental or an underlying narrative, it is the whole reason for how the film unfolds. The film is about a Roman General who has been at war who then becomes a Gladiator and has to fight, the entire film is inextricably linked with violence.

In my opinion anyway. I see what you mean as a general point and agree, I’m just not sure you can apply that thinking to Gladiator.


Crazy, Stupid Love.

The Gozzer is alright, isn’t he @Phoebica ?


Oh yes :heart_eyes:



Watched this on Sunday.

Great film #nohomo