What was the last film you watched?


Hahaha no, no spoilers @Bl1nk @Castiel

More or less all of the original avengers are leaving the universe as they have done so many films, salaries are too high, audience burn out, actor burn out etc.

They just aren’t a part of the next several phases. Dr. Strange, Black Panther, Ant-Man, Spider-Man etc. who all have sequels coming out will be the next like “stalwarts” in the MCU.


Apart from Spidey I don’t see those heroes as strong enough to carry the franchise the way the avengers did. Wouldn’t surprise me if the DC Universe begins to take over as it’s pretty interesting these days.


I’d lose a lot of interest if Cap and Iron Man are phased out. Backbone of the Avengers series.

Maybe they’d just recast some of the characters…?


Haven’t watched any new movie for quite a while, and just watched Pacific Rim 2 and fuck the director… had Mako Mori killed in a stupid and meanlingless way…

Then the previous movie was Unfaithful… watched a hundred times… and still counting.


I’ve never got Captain America. He’s got all the charisma of a damp flannel imo


Iwob-you’re a nob


Him and his Winter Soldier bro are boss, probably my favorites after Thor, Hawkeye and SW. They beat the piss out of that pussy Stark in Cap 2.


Even if they don’t get killed off, they will deffo be restricted to cameo roles in the future imo.

Or maybe others could take up the mantles (like Bucky or Falcon)

Think Evans and RDJ are just too expensive/don’t want to conttinue doing them forever tbh


Yeah same, all my favourite MCU films have been the Cap and Thor films, they’re my favourites with a lot of love for Hawkeye Hulk and Black widow.

Dr. Strange is a little too “strange” and obnoxious for me without the charisma of Tony Stark. Black Panther is about as “meh” as they come but I really like Ant-Man and Spidey is cool too, so they could really carry it for me. Captain Marvel also has potential to be super cool.

Recasting is a possibility, pretty much every hero in the Marvel comics has been killed and replaced by someone else. Pretty sure the current Hulk is a Korean dude called Amadeus Cho who took over Banners research after he dies or something.

Thor, Cap, Iron Man, Spider-Man et al. have all had different people take over the powers and roles so it’s a possibility but I think they’ll stick with who I mentioned. Pretty certain the GOTG also has a revolving door with regards to their members.

But yeah Thor and Cap are my faves, with Thor and Hulk being my favourite duo.


Tons of room for Spiderman too. Venom, Carnage, and all the bad ass characters from that world. Spidey was number one for me growing up.


Spider Man is the fucking man. The Venom film is gonna be fuckin lit

Second only to Batman (different universe of course)

On that note, I’d really like some comic book/graphic novel recommendations. For the record, I’ve got the most obvious classic Batman ones (Dark Knight Returns, The Killing Joke, Year One), Watchmen and V for Vendetta. But I need mooooore


I’ve been reading the companion comics to the films, they flesh out some of the stuff around the films.


Do yourself a favour and read The League of Extraordinary Gentleman also by Alan Moore.

There should be about 4-5 volumes. They are fucking amazing, my favourite comics of all time. So so good, Moore is a genius.

I absolutely love the art style as well, so cool.


Batman: The Long Halloween? Arkham Asylum: A Serious House on Serious Earth?

One Spiderman storyline I’ve always read good things about is Kraven’s Last Hunt, you may find the trade around there.


Not familiar with those Batman ones, I’ll check them out.

Definitely need some Spider Man shouts.

I love the Frank Miller and Alan Moore DC comics, do Marvel have any that are similar in style and tone? I do prefer their style to the more obvious comic book style, which I think Marvel goes for.


I’m not that familiar with Marvel Graphic novels as with DC. But I do now about some storylines that are highly rated.

Spiderman: Blue is one that is considered great.
Ultimate Spiderman (Peter Parker) is one I read years ago and I liked, a nice retelling of Spiderman origins.
Planet Hulk and World War Hulk I just enjoyed, great Hulk fun…


I think a lot off these character are quite interesting a special black panther and dr stranger who gives the mcu a lot to play with by opening mult verse they can use iron man and that but played by different actors.

An has for Spider-Man I want to see dr ock Spider-Man onscreen


I actually got bought this by my gf at my last birthday, haven’t got round to it yet. She did some research and heard its a good one, so nice to get another opinion backing that up


I don’t think RDJ will leave the universe. I sense he really likes the character and being leader of the pack.

Captain America will definitely not be in future movies as Chris Evans has strongly hinted in past.

On side note, you guys should watch Agents of Shield. It’s a brilliant show and I hope that team finds its way to contribute in Infinity wars.


Just finished Black Panther, what a crock of shit.