What was the last film you watched?


I’ve tried my best to avoid all reviews and opinions. Hopefully watch it this week.

Out of curiosity, what are everybody’s top 5 Marvel / Xmen films?

In no particular order: Guardians 1, Winter Soldier, Logan, Deadpool and Avengers.

  1. Infinity War
  2. Thor Ragnarok
  3. Winter Soldier
  4. Guardians Vol. 1
  5. Avengers Assemble
    (6. Ant Man)

I loved Logan and Deadpool but they’re Fox and not Marvel/Disney (technically/yet) so I didn’t include them. They’re both amazing though and I do love them.


GOTG 1, Deadpool, Iron Man 1, Ant Man, Avengers 1. No order.

Hulk gets an honourable mention too.

  1. Guardians of the Galaxy 1 & 2
  2. Civil War
  3. Avengers
  4. Black Panther
  5. Thor Ragnarok

This is in no partucular order except for Guardians, imo those are the most entertaining movies by far. Haven’t seen a Marvel movie I don’t like yet tbh though, I think they’ve all been great. It was hard to leave out Ant Man and Spiderman Homecoming.


1:infinity war
2: guardians of the galaxy
3:iron man
4: captain American winter soldier
5: avengers assembled

Tough to choice an miss out hulk, ragnarok, Spider-Man.

Xmen top 5

1: Deadpool
2: Logan
3 xmen first class
4: xmen 2
5 days of future past

Pretty sure Deadpool 2 will replace days of future past


Avengers Infinity War was good but what annoyed me is that it’s not a complete movie. It’s part one and I don’t feel like I can properly judge it until I’ve seen the second half of it. That’s why to me I think a lot of the other Marvel movies are better than Infinity War.





Fucking fuck me


I’m not worried at all Dr Strange straight up said that giving up the time stone to Thanos was the only way, and he had looked into the future and played out the battle like 14 million times or whatever it was, and they only win once. Plus Captain Marvel is coming if you stayed to see the ending credits.


Still it was good to see the bad guy win, even if just for now




Infinity war.

An amazing film, worth every penny i spent on the imax VIP.

I just need to see wolverine included in the avengers, hopefully they can sort out the licensing stuff.


Rumour going round. That xmen dark phonix will set up xmen joining the marvel film universe


Even more characters???


Don’t forget that Iron Man, Black Widow, Captain America, Thor etc. are all leaving the universe.

So that’ll free up a lot of characters.


I think next Thor movie will include beta ray bill and the wolverine is a must in this type of movies, he is such a badass.


I really don’t get the fascination towards Wolverine.

And to think he constantly goes against Magneto who should absolutely shit mix him.


Didn’t know that! Or did you just release a big Infinity Wars spoiler on me? :sad:


Wondering that myself, lol.


No no spoiler. Just rumours about contract talks and how a lot of guys Cristo mentioned have done 3 films already.