What was the last film you watched?


It’s not a film but I thought this was pretty good.


The Commuter (2018)

Liam Neeson plays a man on a train who has to find a passenger who doesn’t want to be found.

I’ve seen this film before, it was set on a plane, it was called Non-Stop, it also starred Liam Neeson.


So did he find him ?


I haven’t seen the film but I imagine he did find them, and he did kill them.


Spoilers, gawd. :smirk:


Ready Player One.

Expected to hate it, but actually really liked it. It felt like watching an 80’s Spielberg era throwback film (because that’s what it is) and all the pop culture referencing was fun. The best load of rubbish I’ve seen in years.


Just seen Ready Player One as well, agreed with Strangepass.


I’m on the opposite. I kind of hated it. It was very, very hollywood while I expected it to be different. Visually very pleasing though and probably what the future holds.


I really enjoyed ready player one is pretty much a adventure film for the modern generation.

The best scene in the film is The shining sequence

Need to get round to reading the book


A quite place 8/10
Ghost stories 8/10 well worth checking out


I’ve seen it on stage. Was absolutely brilliant. Can’t imagine the film stands up to that but will check it out now I know it exists. :slight_smile:


I didn’t eithen realise it was a threater show until it mentioned it in the credits. Will check it out if I ever see it come up north


Just read up a bit about it there. Seems i was quite lucky to catch it during it’s limited West End run. Was cool though, they did stuff with heating, smells, sounds, all sorts. Highly recommended. :slight_smile:


Logan Lucky 2017

Channing Tatum
Adam Driver
Daniel Craig
Katie Holmes
Hillary Swank

Two brothers from West Virginia plot to rob Charlotte Motor speedway. Very different Daniel Craig that I’ve been accustomed to seeing.

Entertaining movie 8/10.


Enjoyed it a lot more the second time around. The first time I watched it, I felt it dragged. This time I couldn’t believe it’s almost 3 hours long.


A Quiet Place

:clap: :clap: :zipper_mouth_face:

Very very good. Been a while since I was that impressed in the horror genre. Gripping and tense film from start to finish. Terrific job by John Krasinski and his wife Emily Blunt (hot).


Rampage 5/10
Some funny bits but other then that quite meh

Truth or dare 3/10
Really interesting concept but played out total crap no interesting death scenes and all the characters are aweful

Avengers infinity war 9/10
10 years off setting up finally pays off. Well worth the wait roll on next year


Going to see this Friday, can’t wait. Literally everyone has told me it’s amazing.


Brawl on cell block 66

I think that’s the name. Overly violent poppycock


It was good, I feel that it’s a bit over-hyped. I enjoyed several previous Marvel movies better.