What was the last film you watched?


That’s it The Devils is going on my must watch list now.


Black panther.

Was amazing. Top5 MCU film


The Trial (1962)

An office worker wakes up in his rented room one day only to see the police rummaging around his and his young female neighbour’s rooms. They do not tell the man why they are there, only that he’s under arrest. A trial is to follow but he’s never informed of the charges that he’s been arrested for.

An Orson Welles directed adaptation of a Kafka novel.

Went into this expecting a courtroom film. What I got was 110% weird brillance. :joy:


I’ve read the book by Kafka, very strange, there’s another one called Metamorphosis where a man wakes up one day as an insect.

GRAVITY (2013)

George Clooney and Sandra Bullock float around space for a bit attached by giant umbilical cords after space debris destroys their shuttle and communication link with earth. This is very light on dialogue but quite tense, it leaves you feeling quite isolated. Great cinematography that’s constantly cutting between panoramic wide shots of space and then suddenly the claustrophobia of being inside a space suit. Eerie filmscore too. Weird but different. 7/10


Metamorphosis is a great read :slight_smile:



What’s going on here? Answers on a postcard plz. Abrams potentially taking the Cloverfield franchise into headache-inducing territory with dimensional shifts across space and time explained by humanity discovering the ‘god particle’. A film possibly too clever for its own good but the 4 films so far are all so varied that you get the feeling the ultimate tie-in is going to be insane. 7/10

FURY (2014)

Brad Pitt goes behind enemy lines in WW2 with a tank crew and speaks a bit of German. Good, fairly intense and graphic war film. 7/10


They’re all, essentially, stand alone films. Other than the endings, there is very little which even connects them to each other.


Oh wow, you definitely want to check out some of the YouTube vids pointing out all the Easter eggs and plot connections sewn into the viral marketing campaigns then, all very clever. After watching them, ‘stand alone’ is not the description I’d go for


I know there are easter eggs which connect the films, but without having them pointed out, you’d never know.


L’Enfant (2005)

A loser employs 2 kids to steal things from people on the streets so he can sell them in order to support himself and his girlfriend. When she has a baby boy, he decides to sell the baby to a rich couple while his girlfriend thinks they’ve just gone for a stroll.

Damn those Dardennes. :anguished:



Thought it was outstanding. 9/10

Great writing, pacing, cast, everything.


Murder on the Orient Express (2017)

A man is murdered on a train (duh) which is on a journey that spans Europe from Istanbul to Calais. Legendary Belgian detective Hercule Poirot, who is a passenger aboard the train, is tasked with solving the crime.

Never read or seen an adaptation so I didn’t know the answer to the mystery going in. I wanted the film to be something approaching a masterpiece as the source novel supposedly is… but it was merely some light entertainment. Apparently there’s a sequel - set up in the last line about the Nile, I’ll watch it.


Yeah I wanted to see that movie, but I heard it wasn’t that great. I’ll catch it when it’s released on HBO.


She was brilliant… this scene had me in stitches. :joy:


Man On The Moon

10/10 for me. The story of Andy Kaufman. I knew of some of the shit Kaufman had done in his career, but to see the behind the scenes psychology of exactly what he was trying to accomplish, was pretty amazing. Whole new respect for the guy as a comedian, which he really wasn’t. He was the ultimate troll and wind up merchant. That was his whole goal, and he never came out of character, he basically lived his act. Even to the point people thought he was faking his cancer, and then ultimately faked his death.

Jim Carrey puts in a masterful performance as well. It was kind of a dramatic movie, not even really a comedy. Carrey has the chops for dramatic acting for sure, but some of the stuff Kaufman pulled off, was just perfect for Jim Carrey. He was hilarious throughout.


That was my favourite film as a kid.

No wonder you’d love a film about a troll haha.


Man on the Moon is a great, great film. Completely agree with all you’ve written. I don’t think anyone other than Jim Carrey could have played him.

Now watch the Netflix doc about the making of the film. The behind the scenes of the behind the scenes of you like. :slight_smile:


Love, simon 7/10
Seen this at a secret screening last night.
Simon is gay but keeps it a secret from everyone, one day some website we’re people disclose their secrets a teen who goes to the same high school discloses that he is gay in hiding aswell but keeps his identity a secrete. Simon emails the bloke to let him know he is in the same situance, and now the film plays outs with Simon trying to work out who he is emailing whilst dealing with his own secrete with his friends and family. Was a good film with plenty off humour, reminds me of a John Hugh’s films


Yeah I’m definitely gonna check that out, thanks didn’t know it existed.


The Commuter

Liam Neeson just being bad ass again. Nice little plot twist involved. Well over the top but decent action flick.