What was the last film you watched?


Winter Light (1963)

A Vicar at a Church in a small town who is still grieving for his wife begins to question his beliefs while performing his duties to his small congregation.

This was great, I wasn’t going to watch it because of it’s premise but decided to anyway.

The scene in the schoolroom is pure brilliance.

Also watched Cafe Society - A Woody Allen film about a young man in the 1930s who moves to LA to work at his Uncle’s talent agency.

And 6 Days - The dramatisation of the 6 day siege in the Iranian embassy in London and the famous SAS operation that brought the siege to an end.


Bladerunner 2049

Truly delightful. Villeneuve is a genius. Sicario, Arrival, and now this.


Thought Arrival was terrible but Sicario, loved that film. Prisoners and Enemy were good too. Interested to see this one.


American assassin 7/10
Great film that’s worth checking out
Flatliners 2017 -currently waiting for this to start so will score it once it finished


Currently watching Baywatch. God damn the blonde girl who plays CJ is fucking unreal :heart_eyes::heart_eyes:

Worth watching for her alone.

Can’t believe it got terrible reviews! Really enjoyed that, Looking forward to the sequel :sunglasses:


Baby Driver - 7/10, Tarantino-esque tale of a young heist driver. Great soundtrack movie

The Mummy - 3/10, Tom Cruise taking the paycheque on this one I guess, ditto Russell Crowe


Finding Nederland. Kate Winslet and Johnny Depp. It’s about the author of Peter Pan, and the inspiration he got for that novel from this widow and her four sons. They are both excellent at their craft. This was a really really good movie imo. Got me all choked up :disappointed_relieved:


Stronger; Decent film

A street cat named bob; Was alright


Blade Runner 2049



Wind River

I love grim, deep-winter murder thrillers. Very good.


I also highly suggest people watch the original Bladerunner (final cut if possible) before watching 2049.


Yeah, definitely.


I tired Bladerunner and got into about an hours worth before tapping out. By rights, this should be right on the money for me :confused: been meaning to give it another go as I’m still interested what the 2nd film has to offer.

Last film I watched was King Arthur: Legend of the Sword. Watched it in the cinema, loved it. Second viewing, Arthur actually comes off way too confident/cocky that it grated on me somewhat. The action and humour throughout is absolutely top notch though.


Saw moonlight.

A bit overrated tbh.


Blade Runner 2049 was awesome and it’s a damn shame it hasn’t lit up the box office.

Really is a sci-fi epic, Jared Leto needs to sort it out though.


Some people don’t seem to appreciate it. I think the trailer has been misleading for some, thinking it’s a pure action /sci-fi flick. When I walked out of the cinema last night I overheard a few people:

“That was some weird shit.”
“Not what I expected, at all”
“How is this an action film?!”
“It’s so fucking slow”




Irritates me that some really shitty films make a ton of money but a brilliant one like this hasn’t and it has excellent reviews, I’d really like to see a sequel and explore more of this world but it’s doubtful it’ll happen now.


Its way overrated.


If I’m honest the fact that they seemed to have stayed so true to the original means that they probably weren’t expecting a blockbuster hit and will probably be happy with it getting cult classic status as well.

The marketing was great and those three pre-shorts they did were awesome as well, they put a lot of effort into this but I think they always knew it wasn’t going to be a huge mass-market affair.

It’s true though, the general public are fucking idiots for the most part when it comes to movies. And I say that as one of them, I love a good Transformers movie just as much as I know I’ll Bladerunner 2049.


The original wasn’t an action film. It was more of a techno-thriller.

And I’m betting all those who were perplexed by it hadn’t seen the original, and were unaware of the lore.