What was the last film you watched?


Great film. Great acting. Renner and Olsen impressed me.


Blade Runner.

Vastly overrated


Noooo. The new one?


The old one.

Im under no illusions- I’m gonna be hounded out for my views :frowning:




Early screening :grin:


Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales

I am never tired of this franchise. Long may they milk it.


from the trailers in American Made that I saw t’other day, I’d like to see The Snowman with the indefatigable Michael Fassbender


Fast & Furious 7. I’m watching them in reverse so they will get more believable as i go backwards. :slight_smile:


7 Fast and the Furious films? That’s more hours of life wasted than I care to contemplate :grimacing: Why not just watch the first one and then ignore the six identikit remakes


There’s a word we haven’t seen around here in a while :smiley:


Bokeh (2017)

American couple holiday in Iceland. One night the chick looks out the window to see a bright light. Next morning no one is left in Reykjavik (sp?) and as they eventually find out, the world.

Wanted to like this because the premise sounded interesting…meeeeh.


Lilya 4-Ever (2002)

A young teenage girl - Lilya- is left to fend for herself in her run down Soviet Era housing estate after her mother abandons her to join a boyfriend in America.

No help from anyone and only a boy years younger than herself for companionship, Lilya soon turns to prostitution as a means of getting by. One evening after seeing a client she meets Andre, a man she fall in love with who promises to take her from her little corner of Estonian hell to the “relative paradise of Sweden”.

Jesus Christ, I need some happy pills after this one.


Send some this way. I need them after reading the description


Bro you have to stop watching ‘Swedish’ movies, they’re always melancholic, depressing or straight out sad as fk lol


Kingsman 2 the golden circle 8/10
Enjoyable as the first one and loved Elton johns in this


Elton Johns tho :joy:


Lost my shit when they dropped “Puh-feiffers”


Gerrald’s Game.

Best King adaption I’ve seen in a long time. Harrowing stuff.


The new Kingsman. Wack.