What was the last film you watched?

Funny coincidence, I re-watched Beowulf last night and it still holds up well for 2007 CG and LA capture.

Hard to think of a film in the same genre that tops the first 30 mins. The Grendel design and acting was top notch

Going to see the Northman this weekend!

I’ve never actually seen Beowulf, always thought there was a weird uncanny valley vibe to it due to the animation. Maybe I should give it a shot?

Def, gotta watch it purely to hear Ray Winstone’s voice acting as Beowulf :laughing:

The cast is really great in retrospect, I’d give it a go and watch it at night

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The Beach.

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Canonball Run 2

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The Outfit
Set in 1950s Chicago a mob boss uses an English Tailor shop for some laundering business.
Unravels quite nicely the plot in this film. 8/10

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This will be because his life was so tragically cut short, but no other actor can claim such a ridiculous hit rate for their entire filmography as John Cazale. He has 5 films in his filmography and it’s a certified 100% hit rate.

1972: The Godfather (Best Picture winner)
1974: The Conversation (Best Picture nominee)
1974: The Godfather Part II (Best Picture winner)
1975: Dog Day Afternoon (Best Picture nominee)
1978: Deer Hunter (Best Picture winner)

He died of lung cancer in 1978, aged just 42, cutting short what surely would have been an incredible career. Of course, it’s his death that protects his 100% hit rate, as he’d have eventually starred in something mediocre or shit. But even considering his unusually short career, its still genuinely astonishing that every film he featured in was so good. He didn’t even start off his career with a bit part role or two in some shite like most actors.

He deserves a lot more recognition, and I’m sure he’d have got it had his career not been limited to just five films.

Edit: if you wanna be super technical, he was in a sixth film, The Godfather Part III, via the use of archival footage. But despite its reputation as the poor relation, even that film received a Best Picture nomination :grin:


Meh, he was better as a boxer. Undefeated.

I think youre confusing him with Joe Calzone, professional boxer and first person in history to fold a pizza in half.

Dr Strange in the multiverse of madness 8/10

Better then Spiderman NWH. Raimi experience with horror shines through in this film.


Good to hear. Going tomorrow eve. I like Raimi’s style.

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I’ve got a mate who was Raimi’s assistant on production and he said he’s a total legend as is Bruce Campbell.

We’ve got a big group of old uni friends going next Thursday, gonna do dinner drinks beforehand and then stay until the end to watch our friends credit roll and the after credits scene


:joy: of course

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I’ve got another friend who was Tom Cruises’ assistant on the last couple of Mission Impossible films. My uni shared a campus with Falmouth University and loads of their grads from the Film studies course end up in film so I’ve got quite a few mates in the film industry. Same guy had Anne Hathaway buy him a pair of shoes because she was tired of seeing him in the same old pair of beat up Reeboks that were falling apart haha


Anne Hathaway once bought me trainers is a great conversation starter tbf :joy:

I’d love it if @Cristo s A-list antics were really all an elaborate trolling that’s been taking the piss out of us for the past decade. We’re all true believers that’s for sure.

I guess you’ll never know for sure :arteta:

Watched Boiling Point on a fight recently. I think off head @shamrockgooner mentioned it but I could be wrong



Not me. I have it down to watch in near future though.

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@Stroller @BergkampsLoveChild and I were discussing it

Top, top film