What was the last film you watched?


Autumn Sonata (1978)

Eva, a young woman living in Norway, recieves word that her mother’s (Charlotte) great friend Leonardo has passed on and so she decides to invite her mother to stay. When the Mother arrives she finds out Eva has been taking care of her ill sister whom her mother had abandoned in a hospice many years before. The Mother, a globetrotting concert pianist is shocked to find out this information and the relationship between Eva and Charlotte breaks down with both revealing long-held secret animosity towards one another.

Great director directs 2 great actresses in a brilliant picture. Really enjoyed the way this film depicts the intense hatred but also love both those complex women hold for each other.

Liv… :heart_eyes:
Ingrid :santi:

Some Freaks (2016)

A guy with one eye and an overweight girl fall for one another and the relationship goes well until she goes off to college…After some time she surprises her boyfriend when he comes to visit with her new, slender figure. The guy reveals his insecurities which leads to a break-up and the issues both face with their own body issues.

Really a bit meh. Didn’t at all care for it.

The Devil and the Deep Blue Sea (2016)

Dude loses his hot wife in a car accident, goes a small bit loopy and helps a girl build a raft so she sail the pacific to Tahiti.


Isn’t this just every single Bergman film? :grin:

I’ve only seen this one once, but I remember it as being one of his best.

By the way, have you seen A Canterbury Tale yet?


Haha, truth. :arteta: I feel the way it was done in this one was almost perverse. The way the mother reveals her hatred for her daughter while at the same time wanting to be so close to her. It was very well done in this film.

Aye, I definitely feel it’s one of his best of the ones I’ve seen.

Not seen ACT as yet, no. :slight_smile:


Get Out

A black dude and his white girlfriend of 4 months, go to meet and spend the weekend with her parents in their secluded suburban estate. They are an upper class family with a team of black men and women housekeeping the estate which feels kind of weird in the 21st century. It’s a good psychological thriller, I’d recommend seeing it.



Easily one of the weirdest films I’ve seen tbh


White people yearning for that pace, power and athleticism.


I demand more white pace. My white privilege is nothing without white pace.


The Girl Who Played With Fire & The Girl Who Kicked The Hornet’s Nest (2009)

Lisbeth Salander is the victim of a conspiracy dating back to when she was placed in a mental institution for the attempted murder of her abusive where she was the victim of rape by those assigned to protect and care for her. Her friends join forces to attempt to uncover the conspiracy.

Enjoyed the first one a lot more than the 2nd and 3rd installments. Though, these films are really heavy.


Pattie cakes 6/10
Not something that I was intersted in seeing but the misses wanted to see it. It’s a ok watch but nothing I ain’t seen before in these kinds off films.

Terminator 2 judgment day 3D, 9/10
Love this film since I was a kid and I have seen it on vhs,laserdisc,DVD, blue-rays. So the chance to see it on the big screen I couldn’t miss. And glad i did. The 3D wasn’t that great not much pop or depth but This is the best Looking version off the film to date and looks brand new. Looking forward to seeing this in 4K when it’s released on uhd


I watched this film. I liked the start. But I felt like it started off smart and ended stupid, if that makes sense. Seemed like it was trying to copy other films. Still enjoyable though. And the actress did well playing all 7 personalities.


Saw Wonder Woman with my daughter. Enjoyable and cuter than I expected.


Finally got round to the Godfather trilogy.

I was a masterpiece, I loved it. 2 was also a masterpiece, I rate it slightly below I as no Brando.

III was mediocre and hard to follow, so predictable opinion I guess. III could have been so much better if I heard right about production. Paramount pictures sounded like dickheads tbh. No Duvall really hurt the film imo, his performance was my 2nd favourite in the series after Brando.


I liked 2 better I think. Young Vito was gangsta af.


Baby Driver (2017)

A kid whose been stealing cars since he was 12 is forced to work for a local crime lord after he steals his car full of merch that he dumps. Paying off his debts by providing getaway driving services for the crime boss’ heists.

First proper decent film I’ve seen from '17. Found this quite enjoyable…from the director that brought us those Simon Pegg films.


Ye, the movie is definitely worth watching, especially in cinema. Some great music and some entertaining action scenes.


Was so surprised by this film. When I first saw the trailers I thought meh, annoying kid. But it really won me over. One of the '17 greats indeed.


You forgot about Dunkirk. Kill yourself.


strong words over a film…very strong words smh :santi:


You haven’t watched Lego Batman so.


Going to watch American Made, looks fun. Not like there’s any football on tonight so there