What was the last film you watched?

Yeah I preferred it to Goodfella’s.

Still, Goodfella’s coming first and stylistically being pretty much the same as the Irishman could legitimately make it better. I also watched Taxi Driver the other day and realised that it’s underlying theme is basically identical to King of Comedy.


It’s an ok film, but there’s no way on earth that it’s a better film than things like Cape Fear, Casino or Gangs of New York.

There’s no way it’s better than Scorsese’s entire filmography.

Cape Fear isn’t very good, Casino is decent but an inferior rehash of Goodfella’s and Gangs of New York, brilliant in places, is so loaded with exposition that it isn’t a very good story. OK all of this is subjective but The Irishman is definitely IMO better than any of these. The Departed is the best shout for a better recent Scorsese film. I wish I could like Gangs of New York better.

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Casino does kinda feel like Goodfellas’ poor relation

Still enjoyed it much more than The Irishman mind.

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Cape fear isn’t great but Di Nero in the main role was brilliant tbf.

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A good old quality action film, ah, when they are good they are really good.

Tom Cruise doing his own stunts helped make them authentic and the fight choreography was pretty good.

Well-paced and nicely shot. Nice story that circled round to the first scene well, and Jamie Foxx was pretty good.

Really hit the spot. 8/10.


Collateral is a real forgotten gem, one of the rare performances from Cruise where he actually looks like a really good actor. Very stylistic and tense.


Shit ending to Collateral

Vodafone always do a free Friday treat and this one was have a film on us through Rakuten TV so I saved it for tonight for a “Saturday Night Movie” and watched Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

Usually I’m not a fan of long ass films but this was an exception. Thought it was great and didn’t even seem that long. Di Caprio and Pitt are very good in it and Margot Robbie :fire::heart_eyes:


Motherless Brooklyn (2019)

Ed Norton (stars and directed), Bruce Willis, Alec Baldwin, William Dafoe… Michael Williams (Omar!).

Norton plays Lionel, a detective with Tourette’s. Set in post WW2 Brooklyn.

Enjoyed it. Good acting, story is interesting.

3.5 out of 5 stars

It absolutely bombed at the box office. Totally flop.

Would you still recommend it? I’m kind of intrigued, apparently it’s been a passion project for Ed Norton for a while.


A bit raw given the current global mood but wow, it really hits close to what is going on right now.

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Saw this was on ITV2 just the other day and was like, “who in their right fucking mind is watching that in these times?”, now I know.


Give Outbreak a watch

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Bet the 200 still watched it :grin:

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It’s the most watched movie on Apple TV and Prime is you go by rentals haha


People wanting to find out what happens in a pandemic?

I can only presume that Threads will be most watched in the run up to Nuclear War.


Well, fair fucking play. Can’t get my head around it at all haha