What was the last book you read?


That’s a great point, Whiskeyjack and Rake, Tehol and Bugg we mentioned before, Icarium and Mappo, those two necromancers I forget their names, Quick Ben and Kalam, Karsa and Leoman…great shout that. There’s also the Kharkanas trilogy to read, the bromance between Rake and Caladan is great too


Prisoners of Geography by Tim Marshall.

Book about how the geography of each country impacts and limits countries in the world regardless of ideology and culture.
Interesting reasoning thats hard to argue against. Gives you a better understanding of the world and how situations arise.
Thought it was going to be heavier going, but the author has done a great job on a lot of complex situations being explained fluently but not dumbed down


I finished that last year. Really enjoyed.

What bit are you on?


Middle East. Enjoyed getting a fuller understanding on everything so far. China really interesting.


Yeah, really enjoyed the bit about the geographical reasoning for the China/India battle for Tibet.

Russia was my favourite section me.

Also makes me want to try Skiing in Iran haha!