What was the last book you read?


I’m reading the drawing of the three atm, I’ve had it for quite some time but I found The Gunslinger to be a tad rubbish, especially compared to King’s other work - he does say he wrote it when he was young and naive.

The Drawing of the Three certainly makes Elba a strange choice for Roland.


Once Susan enters the narrative, and you get that racial tension between the two characters.

I can’t see Idris being called a “honkey m’fuh” :slight_smile:


Yeah, but I see a lot of parallels between Roland and Luther… kind of that tortured soul that does the wrong thing for the right reasons. They can work around the relationship with Susan. Call him an Uncle Tom instead of honky. Works just as well.


I assume maybe there is something I’m missing and it will reveal itself later on, I just hate when a work of fiction displays the race or gender of someone and they swap it out to be PC, Will Smith in I Am Legend for example. Though that was the least of problems with that adaption.


Oh wow, didn’t even consider the fact that he’s black and so it kind of ruins the Odetta/Detta arc.

Maybe they’re going to spin the whole thing on its head and they make her white and really racist towards black people…and they make Eddie black too lol?


Spoilers for book 2.

I’m at the section now where Detta thinks that all white men want to do is rape or laugh at black women, or laugh while they rape them. Hard to envision Roland as a hate crime rapist when it’s Elba in your head. Unless he’s wearing white face, which honestly I just don’t think would work.

I have no doubt Elba will do a fantastic job but it’s just a little strange as I’m only getting into the story at this point on the beach and for me it seems like a crazy amount of character growth to ignore altogether.

It’s also crossed my mind that with all the crazy shit that happens that O/detta sees them as different people. Especially in the form of Detta who isn’t the most sound of mind.


I can’t see them making Susannah a white women. That’d make it even more stupid.


Tough crowd… you’d think that Wenger signed Idris.


“A pale blue dot” by Carl Sagan, it’s quite old now and spends a bit to much time bashing the notion of an all powerful diety, but other than that it’s an awesome read.

Also has this awesome piece, which has somehow made its way to YouTube and is narrated by himself.



Started reading the harry potter books. Read the first two and they’re great - read the first 3 when j was young but just thought I’d give them another go but will try to finish them all this time!


Milton Friedman’s Capitalism and Freedom


I hope you burned it afterwards.:wink:

I read Blood Meridian recently and immediately started again after the last page.

Another book I can’t recommend enough is the “magnum opus” of British journalist and middle east correspondent Robert Fisk. “The Great War for Civilization” is the most detailed, instructive and downright shocking account of the geopolitical situation in the middle east, coming from the most knowlegeable source possible. A vital book to understand the ongoing conflicts.


Dipping into American Pyscho again. Always good for a laugh.


Excellent ending to a harrowing book. Definitely not a light read in terms of content or Cormac’s writing style but I thoroughly enjoyed it. If you’re a fan you should listen to Ben Nichols concept album based on the book - The Last Pale Light in the West. Each song is a character study and it can be quite educational as the book is deliberately difficult about giving us an insight into everyone other than the kid.


Never even knew it as a book. I’ve seen the film - is the book any good?


Yeah it’s great compared to the film. It’s long and repetitive, but easy to read and very funny.


Much better book than film. Not one I’d re-read though


Finished Catcher in the Rye recently, I enjoyed it but I didn’t really get it tbh. Anyone wanna explain it for me?

Now I’m reading a contemporary translation of Le Mort D’arthur which is really good. Would make for a sick television series since there’s a cool story/legend for every 3 pages so there’d be a ton of material.


Phonies are crazy people and madmen, the end.


I read it a while back in school but its about how Holden is trying to adapt from teenage life to adult life. The following spark notes page provides a good summary of the major themes etc: