What is the outlook for this season?


Fair point. Wouldn’t expect a Love Island fan to comprehend any posts longer than two sentences :sunglasses:




tl;dr :henry2:


Thought u said u didn’t read it?? :grin:

Not really nonsense, the guy is in fact mediocre, I don’t rate him whatsoever.


oh so you dont rate him so because of that he is 100% mediocre and that is a fact…gotcha :xhaka:


Lol it’s my opinion, am I not allowed to have one?


No, you can have one, we’d just rather you didn’t. :mustafi:


You think his track record is that good/great that it would actually be a surprise if he doesn’t manage to get us 80+ points? The likes of Leno and Sokratis also have yet to prove themselves on this level.


It’s complete nonsense. Because you rated an inferior player in Theo so highly yet you shit on Lacazette without ever taking into account the difficulties he faced last season. It’s a new team, in a new league and going through a period of complete turmoil on and off the pitch. He struggled at times but to call him mediocre is complete and utter nonsense.

There has to be a balance to your opinion.


Read what you said, you said ‘in fact he is quite mediocre, i don’t rate him at all’ so you are prety much stating as fact he is mediocre so you dont rate him. That might be a fact in your mind but it doesnt make it truth.


Not to mention he was injured but played on until he couldnt anymore and had to have surgery.




I don’t really care about shooting low percentage shots. What I want to see more is attacking the end line and getting dangerous balls in the box. It’s hard to create danger at the top of the box straight out from goal.


Be my guest and pull up some posts where I state that Theo is better than Laca. I’ve never said that, I’ve merely called out the hypocrisy in folks around here that had nothing but bad things to say about Theo even though he produced at a high level for us, while at the same time defending Laca when he hasn’t really proved to have done more for our club than Theo ever did.

The stats will support this and if you’d like I’ll gladly share them again. Laca in his first season performed no better than an average Walcott season. And I don’t want to hear the injury excuse. Theo scored over 100 goals for us in minimal time (due to injuries) all the while playing on the wing. Sure he’s lost a step or two because of all those injuries but Laca isn’t a shining example of superior athleticism now is he?


Minimal time? Walcott played like 370-380 games for Arsenal in all competitions I’m sure.


In one season compared to eleven. :joy:


Dont totally agree with all of that, but its reasonably argued out for me,


Should be after Lozano. Think we can get him for about 40 mil.


Didn’t I say in an average season?


I’m not even sure why this Lacazette vs Walcott debate is even a thing. We sacrificed Giroud and Walcott for Aubameyang. Something Arsenal should do 10 out of 10 times.