What is the outlook for this season?


Guess who has brought Walcock into this debate :laca:


Im not sure he did tbh. He called Lacca average and people then brought in his liking of Theo as an attack on that.


Well yea, you said that. In a separate paragraph. And two sentences after the bit I’ve highlighted.

And even so, my point still stands. He has had one go. Theo had eleven.


I think we should have a side sweepstake on how long it will take someone to say “at least under Wenger…”

Bonus points if it’s someone who REALLY wanted him out :grin:


The midfield, defense and mental strength are all big question marks. Drilling the defense and getting a partnership to work with Mustafi is going to see us leak imo.

Our midfield was languid last year, easy to dribble or pass around without closing down and the lack of creative quality and pace was poor. Torriera has a big role to fill fixing that and defensively he will somewhat. Guendouzi could be promising.

Players heads dropped last season and changing the mentality to make this lot fighters is another question mark. I’ve never seen our heads drop quite as often with no fight.

Our ability to break teams down with players who can beat their man and dribble through defenses is a weakness too.

Overall we should at least get another 10 points on last season because of how we absolutely fell apart away from home and Wenger finally losing the dressing room. I’m not sure that will be enough for 4th.


Well it can’t be any worse than last season surely? Really this season is all about getting back into top 4 and when you look at the midfield and strike force, it gives us a pretty decent chance of a good season. But first and foremost, the defensive side of our game is the area for biggest improvement.

Man City are a class above right now, but the following teams after that are all fairly evenly matched with their own pros and cons.


If it is I’m gonna blame you for jinxing it with this line.


I don’t think it was possible for you to get mad at me in any way :grinning: But seriously though, I know we sucked badly last 18 months and there’s a big repair job to do at Arsenal, but I can’t see any other team right now that could knock Arsenal lower than 6th. Points wise and position wise, we must do better, otherwise this club is really fucked :sweat_smile:


Don’t worry, I won’t solely blame you. :smiley:


Surprised no one’s asked the resident bot, what we think we can manage this season.

@discobot fortune Will Arsenal return to the top 4 this season?


:crystal_ball: Yes definitely


@discobot, will Aubameyang become the Premier League top scorer?


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@discobot fortune Will Luca have his MDC ban overturned?


:crystal_ball: Yes


I used to believe in discobot but now I know that it lies I don’t like it.


@discobot fortune Do you ever lie?


:crystal_ball: Outlook not so good


It won’t be me!


nice expression. :slightly_smiling_face: