What are you watching?


I didn’t say anything about Black Mirror. I only saw the first 2 episodes of this series and didn’t like it at all.


Did anyone watch the new Luther last night?

I liked it, it looks set up for a few episodes (I hope) with the story lines they already have in place. Nice to start off the new season with a lovely demented case!


Yeah great having it back on. Few different stories running together their and Alice turning up to put another curve on it. Right up for it.


Might have been because you called it a film rather than a TV show, that threw me for a second.


Isn’t a TV show still a film? Albeit in many episodes?

But anyway, my bad. I was talking only about HMT. The joke about @Trion was because the show’s premise is a dystopian future of enslaving and raping women haha.


Ah paradise


Thought you might enjoy it.


Film is what us Brits say instead of movie, so no, a TV show would be called a show, or a programme (used in Britain but not the US). Can see the confusion for a non-native, as TV shows are of course filmed.

And yeah, I got the joke haha


In all honesty I know all that. A film is a film in my native language too, филм, you see. I just wanted to use more diversified language and substitute film for series, which I use all the time and felt repetitive. A mistake I will know not to make ever again. Now thanks to you though I know I’d better use show or programme - two words that I know but don’t always come to my mind when I look for substitutes. So thanks for that.

Man, if I was a moderator this misusage of your language wouldn’t have escalated at all. But no, you had to wield your power advantage over me and put it in my face.


Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is close to perfection.


Been catching up with Vikings after stopping mid-season 4 a few years ago.

Reached one of the series most defining moments in S4 Part 2. Damn man… brilliantly done and left a powerful impact.

The series is a superb watch.


Honestly believe had it not been around the same time as Got, it would have got a lot more attention definitely very underrated, Ragnar and floki two of my favourite characters


In some ways I enjoyed it more than GOT, obviously budget wise it can’t compete but I felt Viking’s story has a really natural flow to it up until the point that we’re introduced to the Ragnar’s sons then it begins to waver a little.

But Ragnar and Floki are every bit as engaging - and much more likable and charismatic- than anyone from GOT.

Like you say very unfortunate time to be released but even then I’m not sure people would have given a History channel production much time anyway.


Ozark > GoT


GoT is pretty shit now and everyone is just watching to see how it ends.

At least that’s the case with me. Went off the rails after S4.


For the ending absolutely, and for the spectacle. As much as the show was always at its best when it was centred more on the dialogue, scheming etc, I have been waiting a fucking long time to really see the dragons absolutely fuck shit up on a massive scale and we are really getting that now. In a massive fucking way.


Wasn’t that, incidentally, when there was less shagging on the programme?


Finally got around to Stranger Things. loved season 1, thought 2 was a bit same same. And it looked from the cliffhanger that 3 would also be same same, sadly. Good nostalgia though.


Really like this :+1:

Got 2 episodes left


Stan & Ollie