What are you watching?


I like Better Call Saul.

If it wasn’t a prequel to Breaking Bad and the inevitable comparisons it draws, the critics would be loving this

In a world without Power, Ozark and Ray Donovan, Better Call Saul wins


I’ve been watching Santa Clarita Diet on Netflix, absolute hidden gem of a show with a brilliant cast.


Heads up…

First episode of Better Call Saul is up on Netflix.




Been sleeping on arrested development for too long, hilarious comedy


Wife and I have been using Scott and Bailey as background noise for the last few weeks. The whole series is on Amazon Prime. It’s not awful.


Thanks for this! That was a lot to take in, haha.

Ready for season 4 now!


Quite a decent opening episode I thought,


Mikes Scene where hes driving around the Madrigal factory wasquite funny, picking holes in the security even though he didn’t need too :laughing:


Spoiler alert, jesus fucking christ


Omg The Expanse is fucking good. Flew through 2 seasons in just over a week.


Anyone still watching Gomorrah, making my way through season 2 right now.

Best show on TV right now imo


911 on sky witness is really good. Just watched the first episode there. Think I’ve found myself a new series to watch!


Definitely need to watch Better Call Saul tonight. Can’t wait for Ozark too.


Suits, just started season 6.


Sons of Anarchy on Netflix. A few episodes in seems decent.


Just done Westworld season 1.

How did I miss this.


Luke Cage S2: 8.4

Jessica Jones S2: 5.6


Finished the entirety of Friends last night. Sad times.


For like the 140th time right?


Nope, first time :giroud3: