What are you watching?


I saw that was out. I gave up on that last season to be honest. It’s beyond daft now.

Better Call Saul starts next week and season 2 of Ozark starts the end of next month, so looking forward to having something to get stuck into!


Jack and Dani deserved winners!

What am I gonna do at 9PM every night now :disappointed:

OA now breathes a sigh of relief with this thread now a Love Island free zone until June 2019 :wink:


I started watching The Flash as its on Pick at 8 now which is my usual go to for a dose of sci-fi and been really surprised how much I enjoyed it.

I loved the comic as a child but hated the look of the DC tv shows like arrow etc so stayed away. Proper into Gotham though and bored with Marvels agents so thought what the heck.

Sometimes my son watches it too so good one to bond over. On season five apparently so with Pick on season one looks like plenty to get into!!


Holy shit, I knew neither of these things.



Ozark season two?! Ooooohhhh.

I finished the first season of Mr. Robot. Rami Malek is amazing.


Can’t wait for either of them. Netflix and TV in general has been so shite lately.

Been reading this on Reddit in preparation for Better Call Saul


Am i the only one disappointed by better call saul? It is such a flat and underwhelming series compared to Breaking Bad :santi:




Better Call Saul is better than Breaking Bad IMO.
The only annoying thing is they only drop one episode a week – that is so 2010. It’s all about the binge nowadays.


Better call Saul could do with some better pacing though.

With death of Chuck, now it is badly missing a strong character


Breaking bad is like pure columbian cocaine, it foesnt get much better than that. Better call saul is Barnaby level boredom tbh. Slow paced, no action, no sex, no drugs, no mass shootings.


It’s about a lawyer man. Why were you expecting any of that?


And Breaking bad was about a high school chemistry teacher.


Better Call Saul is one of the best written series around.

Crazy to think without BB a slow paced show like this would have never seen the light of day. I wonder how many projects are out there that never got greenlit because they weren’t commercial viable initially


Better call saul is like Wenger ball. Slow paced and zero penetration.


Sounds like my sex life


Come on. I like the show but so many parts in it are unnecessary.


It really wasn’t.


Quick mention on how it didn’t really add up that someone as brilliant as Walter White was stuck with those shitty jobs he had.


It really was