What are you watching?


@Calum fuck love island tbh might not watch it anymore to protest that travesty of a decision.

The voting public are dicks to keep melodramatic Laura and Dr Cunt and vote off best Jack. Bastards


Can I just say its good to see this thread back to normal :sunglasses:


The thread title stayed longer than planned tbh, I felt it was time to restore normality


Just watched episode 2 last night. How he gets people to act like that State Congressman I’ll never understand. What good could possibly come from him doing some of the things he did.

People like Bernie Sanders and Ted Koppel are well able for him but I did feel a bit bad for the girl from the TV show. He’s basically taking advantage of her being a bit thick and her good nature in wanting to support a charity. And especially so for the woman from the first episode who wanted to support the out of prison guy. I don’t quite get why he targets people like that.


Yeah the art lady took it well, and I felt bad for her too.

I saw a tweet that said he is at his best when he punches up rather than down, and that’s absolutely right.

Guys like @Cristo and @Midfield_Maestro would have appreciated another reality star making a fool out of themselves though lol.


I felt myself feeling a bit sorry for her at the outset, feeling that he was essentially picking on someone harmless and dumb. But her willingness to entirely fabricate a story that made her sound like she’d done something of great significance, a wonderfully moral act, when she’d done absolutely nothing, meant that sympathy evaporated pretty quickly.


I just find Sasha coren not funny at all. Guy tries waaaay too hard. Stop :raised_hand:


Yeah I saw that Corinne girl desperately trying to claw onto the last shreds of celebrity fame afforded her.

And Christ, what an idiot she came across as.


Dr Alex is a cunt amirite?


Yes but what does that have to do with my post haha


Oh, Nothing. Just wanted to put that out there. Again.

You’re wrong on Sacha tho :kos2:


Surely he gets shafted tonight. Would be a an absolute tragedy if he made the final!!


Genuinely never watching this show again if that happens.

Because of that cunt there’s no more Jack2.


Yeah The banter between Jack 2 Wes and Josh was class. :disappointed:

Instead we were stuck with Dr Dry!


Alexandra’s mum getting into Alex :joy::joy::joy:

SCENES :syringe:



Ooh really? Maybe should watch.

But that means the cunt stayed :xhaka: who left?


Dr Alex!! :tada::tada: :wave::wave:




Completely away from what you lot are watching.

I’ve just finished the second series of “Feed Phil” on Netflix. I love this guy and how much he genuinely loves food.

Now starting on “Anthony Bourdain: Parts Unknown” so far so good.


Been watching season six of OITNB. It’s beyond shite now and needs to stop.