What are you watching?

Just started watching Don’t look up with the wife. Seems I’m gonna have to juggle the movie and the game tonight.
Don’t let the wife know though, I can always watch the other half of the movie tomorrow :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Donald sutherland?

More known for the sex scene than anything else that film. Were they really at it? Was it staged? Etc etc.

Anyone who is not watching Eurovision (all of you) you have to look up Norway’s entry. It’s called Give The Wolf A Banana. I feel like I’ve been on a drugs trip.

Truly fantastic.

They were talking about this on the wireless the other day lol

That song was wild lol

Memorable way to spend the evening in my work retreat hotel. Has been a chilled one but trust Eurovision to leave my brain scrambled

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What did you think of Ukraine? They’re favourites. I thought that was mainly down to a sympathy vote, but song was pretty interesting.

It was one of the most memorable performances of the night I thought, very unique combination of musical styles in one - it could easily not work but I thought they pulled it off.

Proud of Sam Ryder for UK who is tipped as the next favourite - he has a voice on him.

Yeah Sam was great.

As were Moldova. Loved them. Proper Eurovision.

Jaws 2

(Although I feel outta place mentioning anything non Eurovision)

Nah, a 1978 film involving a rubber shark is definitely a better watch :slight_smile:


Take it to the film thread

How long til the votes start coming in. The best bit

Not sure. Mika hasn’t even sung yet and lines are still open.

You lot better give us 12 points

We never do lol

Results are coming up now

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It’s coming home.

Wooww the UK are racking up the votes! What a sight to behold, the UK in first place after multiple 12 points :smiley:

We got more than one vote, that’s a miracle :sweat_smile:

We are smashing it