What are you listening to right now?

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Ronnie James Dio
Love Neon Knights


Mr Gray is pumping out some quality, moving songs. Love that he’s on YouTube playing his new stuff for us. Him and Norah Jones have given me a good music fix during this whole mess.

I would also highly recommend Live at KEXP/Home for live music. A lot of great bands on there.

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I’ve loved White Ladder since it came out when I was like 11 years old. Still give it a listen relatively frequently. I should check out his new shit. Or any of his other shit really.

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How do you guys put up video clips on here ?
Can I have some simple instructions please
Thank you

Just go on to YouTube and copy and paste the link onto here and post as normal

Second that, they put up quality bands, and their sound engineers are doing excellent work.

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Oh shyte
Do you press on the video playing?
Apologies for asking remedial questions

Yeah go on the video you want to post, and copy the link of that video and paste onto here and post as if you’re posting a normal post (I’ve said post here a lot)

Oh bugger
I’ll give it a go , apologies if you get a screenshot of the carpet


There’s some dodgy stuff happening with the vids at the moment so you may have to use the small link, which you can find under “share” on the youtube video you want to post.