What are you listening to right now?




Now that is a classic metal song there Luca! Been absolutely yonks since I listened to Megadeth.


This is why I didnt go the barbers for years.


Many metal band have gone shit after the eighties. Only Slayer has kept it up.


John going full Frusciante.


Forgot I had this album on my computer, this track is a killer.



Roddy Ricch is the man right now. He basically never disappoints







Craig David - Fill Me In

In the kitchen cooking dinner, singing along and remembering a time before my balls had dropped but I still thought this song spoke to me.

Still a banger though, love Craig



What a banger


Only for the funky people


Checked out a fair few of their videos on youtube and have to say this is a great discovery! Love that old sounding funk/soul they got going on.

I recently got into this group. More brokenbeat/jazz influenced.


Not my usual thing tbh but a very interesting sound. The musicianship is great and more importantly they have a female bass player- that’s pretty much always enough for me.


Not sure how much you like to geek out about music production but thought I’d shed a bit of light on a couple of things I know about their sound in case you’re interested.

Warning- if you’re ‘that’ type of person like me, digging into this shit can be a massive rabbit hole and could lead to becoming obsessed, a musician, or even worse, a drummer (musician joke there- in case you missed it!)

First of all Vulfpeck often record live and are real instrument enthusiasts- yeah they use plugins for eq and compression but instruments are real. This may sound obvious but it’s the pretty much norm to use virtual instrument plugins these days, even in pro studios. As amazing as tech can be there’s no substitute for the real thing IMO.

Perhaps equally importantly is their style of compression. Compression is massively important to their sound to the point that they ended up inventing their own ‘vinyl / tape’ compressor based on an old Boss sp-303 ‘Dr Sample.’ It’s available as a plugin and I must admit, I’ve been tempted but at $150 I’d rather stick with my rack gear (which goes up in value and requires no fucking updates!!)

I’m certainly no sound engineer so there’s probably a lot i’ve missed but it’s definitely my kind of style- simple, live recording using the right era gear with meticulous mixing/ mastering.