What are you listening to right now?


Really murdering the life out of Greta Van Fleet at the moment, just can’t get enough of that zeppelin sound.



Same here, had Safari song on repeat every single day this week.


Still banging Childish Gambino’s ‘Awaken My Love’

Just too sick



Great choices mate!


Best track off the best Metallica album of the lot their.


Are Slayer doing Italy on their final tour mate. Their here in November. Got mine for Manchester due too work pattern.


They are here in november as well.


In the mood for some Funk today



What a beauty this tune is:


Danish group. Very famous song :mustafi:. @LordBendtner


for some reason these guys are WAY more popular in asia than Denmark. Its considered very cheesy rock in Denmark. but great for our national balance of payments selling to asia :henry2:


Sneaky danish :henry2:



  • Love these guys, fantastic talent and they take such joy in their performance. Saw them live last weekend

Album on spotify



I know @Phoebica is a massive fan of Limp Bizkit :wenger:

Fucking loved this song back in the day.