What are you listening to right now?


Long way for a stairway to heaven for Arsenal. It’s a highway to hell atm :frowning:


I’m on a Chromeo binge atm. Funky guitar, slappy bass and synthy goodness. Some good videos too which is nice.

And the newest track- not totally feeling it yet but the riff and bass on the chorus are pretty tasty.




The antlers which are a great band


Shazam’ed this in Nike Town the other day. The beat is ethereal, hnnnnnggg.



Well I won’t be getting any work done now- the danger of keeping guitars in the office! “Let me just quickly work out that tasty little lick”…hours pass and I’m still jamming.


lol, I had a small issue at work this morning, decided to put that compilation to focus, I have to say it took me a while to get it sorted.




I give you 10 minutes to delete that post.


Ah fuck. Not this thread too!


:sleeping: just posted what I’m listening to right now don’t really give a fuck what you or anyone else thinks



Think you might appreciate this one @Darkseid



Iron Maiden - Fear of the dark



079ME :telephone_receiver: summer anthem :sunny::sunglasses:


The first half of that song was awful, did it get any better?


Lol why you holding back Jakey say what you really think. :wink:

The instrumental and the chorus is the only parts I like. Don’t really care for the verses haha