What are you listening to right now?



Suits brought you here, didn’t it.


Might have posted this before but I’m in a classic blues phase again and can’t get enough of this Derek Trucks version of Crow Jane.

And Greg Koch is always worth a listen if you love tight rhythm guitar- makes me want to burn mine.




I’m with you. Makes me feel old :slight_smile:


I just heard Gucci Gang by Little Pump.

There is no God.


Great song.


Fuck you





Saw this girl on Graham Norton the other day, thought she was excellent and I really love her voice

Then found this other song from her on youtube, another beautiful song

I’ve actually heard both of these songs on the radio before but never really payed much attention to them, or who sang them. I’m definitely going to keep my eye out for her in the future


Been in my head all weekend :heart_eyes:

Like Drake’s new one aswell.






@AbouCuellar New Frank, only a cover but still.



Love that girl


Pretty good given that she’s not German.


@Jules, great choices!