What are you listening to right now?


A quality song.

(Heard it in a TV show :stuck_out_tongue: )


We have very different opinions on what quality is.


Dont Hate Me - Jingle Punks


Welcome to the forum @Andrew_Chew. You been lurking for a while before signing up or have you just found us?


Beer in the sun on the balcony with this on repeat.





Murders in the Rue Morge-Iron Maiden


For all you metalheads out there…





Purple Rain Deluxe (Expanded Edition)

There’s stuff on this I haven’t heard before and I’ve been collecting Prince bootlegs since the cassette days (my current Prince music folder is 9.83GB!) Finally hearing “We Can Fuck” as intended instead of the watered down version (released later on Graffiti Bridge) is a particular highlight. And 12 mins of Computer Blue. Fuck work for today- grabbing the bass and getting my funk on.


Just got in after a long afternoon on the piss in Hackney and have been flipping between Download and Glasto highlights.

Rage Against Machine were just performing at Download under the moniker of Prophets of Rage with Chuck D and B Real acting as joint front men and it was genuinely one of the best things I’ve seen in fucking years, they did ‘Killing in the Name of’ and it was genuinely LIT fire emoji AF


New Vince Staples :ok_hand::ok_hand:


New Earl too, unfortunately not CDQ


What’s that mean?


CD quality


So like it’s only out cause some people have leaked it? When’s the actual release date. Earl and Vince Staples is just what this guy needs to get through the next few days of work.


It’s an individual track apparently off his upcoming album, he recently performed it and someone managed to record it surprisingly very well.

The album isn’t even official yet but it’s pretty much known as fact he’s got one that is ready if not very close. Rumoured date was July but that’s looking unlikely now, don’t think he’s an artist that can release without some build up.