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snow patrol spitting games
dexy’s because of you


the Dubliners - 7 drunken nights


Not finding the words right now to express my admiration for Common. Aside from being so socially conscious he is just cool as fuck. The kind of cool you can’t force or fake, try hards like Drake could never reach such levels.



I don’t know much about Prince but I was re watching BET’s tribute the other day, Bilal’s performance is amazing and it seems a lot of Prince fans liked it too so I’m guessing he did the song justice.


Drake >>>>> Common

Whether he’s cool or not (he’s not, we can agree…though I would almost argue that his blatant lack of coolness makes him kind of cool in my eyes, but given the reception my blatantly bad puns here receive I’m guessing that’s a logic that is more of a personal one), he’s a hugely important pop artist who has had major cultural impacts and major impacts on rap/R&B culture and music. I don’t think you can say anything similar for Common. Drake, like Kanye, or like OG7 in football (:open_mouth:), is so easy to hate that you forget his contribution.


I was comparing how authentically cool the two are, I’m not really sure why you want to start talking about major cultural impacts. Common isn’t as big as Drake, of course he can’t have major cultural impact on the same scale. Then you have to consider whether the major cultural impact you speak of is even a good thing, something well clearly disagree on lol.

I’m not into current mainstream stuff (but don’t confuse that with not having heard a shit load of it), I like mainstream stuff from like pre 2005, but otherwise I’m more into hip hop with a social conscious, stuff with a message. Half of what Drake does isn’t even hip hop, it’s basically r’n’b. Which is fine, but if I’m talking about hip hop, which I am when I’m talking about Common, then it’s not even a contest between the two.

But my point was solely about how cool I think Common is, so if you agree that Drake isn’t cool and Common has a modicum of cool then that’s as far as the interaction really had to go haha


Fell on black days-Soundgarden



You might want to look up the words “important”, “artist”, “major”, “cultural”, “culture” and “music” in a dictionary. :grinning:


Drake is awesome and makes really awesome pop/R&B music but because a lot of people take themselves too seriously/are reactionistically against anything that is popular/mainstream he gets hated on.

There. That’s what I really wanted to say. :sunglasses:




Not even that. Just an apologist/cheerleader for mainstream mediocrity.


You are clearly rather confused about what the word hipster means, my hipster-bearded friend. :kiss:

Hit the nail on the head as usual, my friend. :kiss:


“Drake is rather bland but because people by and large are attracted to the mediocre/are brainless sheep and go and buy what is mass marketed to them by cynical record company executives he gets hailed as a genius by people desperate to look relevant”

It’s easy to sneeringly dismiss other people’s opinions.

Or you could just not come up with long winded nonsense and just accept the reality that some people just don’t like his music. Just like I’m willing to accept that other people really like him.

I’ve got no problem enjoying things that are mainstream and when it comes to the music I listen to I don’t take myself too seriously either. I even like a couple of his tunes to be honest. But I think he’s a bit of a try hard and despite all the effort that has gone into the crafting of his image, champagnepapi just isn’t cool. I didn’t intend to trigger you into defending his artistic genius lol.


tbh I don’t know what champagnepapi is and without social networks or any real connection to the world that talks about his image I couldn’t really offer an opinion on it.

What I can offer an opinion on is his music, which is good. He made navel-gazing R&B cool in the 21st century, that’s an accomplishment. I also can’t help but notice that when his songs come on at a party or a club the people who turn their noses up are those that make an effort to be seen as those with ‘taste’ and, in short, those who take themselves too seriously, and that those same people usually end up dancing to his shit when they’re drunk enough.

I can definitely accept that people don’t like him. Especially if you don’t like R&B. Me I love me some R&B so naturally I enjoy his shit. Accepting that people who don’t like him for the right reasons exist doesn’t stop me from having a go at people who dislike him for the wrong reasons. In the end good pop music is good pop music and pop music is not to be examined with a snob’s lens…loads of pop musicians were derided for being such/looked down upon by snobs who wanted to position themselves in a certain way, including the Beatles or Prince, during their time, but in the end it’s the pop music that survives and the hipster snobs which end up changing opinion.


“If people are drunk enough they’ll dance to his music”

Have you got any more arguments as convincing as this? I’d love to hear them.


nono, it’s his usual hipsterista fluff.

edit: SpanishBrian, i think you just levelled up to Spanish Brady.



1.The Cranberries - Linger (Acoustic Version) (4:55)
2.The Cranberries - The Glory (5:14)
3.The Cranberries - Dreams (Acoustic Version) (4:24)
4.The Cranberries - When You’re Gone (Acoustic Version) (4:10)
5.The Cranberries - Zombie (Acoustic Version) (4:01)
6.The Cranberries - Ridiculous Thoughts (Acoustic Version) (3:07)
7.The Cranberries - Rupture (4:16)
8.The Cranberries - Ode to My Family (Acoustic Version) (4:43)
9.The Cranberries - Free to Decide (Acoustic Version) (3:17)
10.The Cranberries - Just My Imagination (Acoustic Version) (4:02)
11.The Cranberries - Animal Instinct (Acoustic Version) (3:39)
12.The Cranberries - You & Me (Acoustic Version) (3:33)
13.The Cranberries - Why (5:01)