What are you listening to right now?

Reminds me of Jamie asking Ben Swain what his favourite band was in The Thick of It :laughing:

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@Phoebs: saw Brandi at the Anthem in DC. Went nuts and got balcony. Absolutely insanely good concert -almost 3 hours with great banter and stories. First encore her and the twins showed up in the balcony next to ours…

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I don’t think I could ever get bored of hearing her sing The Story live. I assume she did this?

You’re our resident country music buff. What’s your take on the Beyonce country album?

It’s a Beyoncé album, not a country album.

I have no problem with that FYI, I like Beyoncé. And Texas Hold ‘em is a catchy song.

But yeah, i wouldn’t choose to listen to her if I was after country music.

Yes. She is my favorite live concert to see atm. I am tempted to try to catch her at Red Rocks later this year. The Story was amazing and she belted it out. Sista Strings were also there for Elton John tribute at Kennedy Center (same reason Brandi scheduled this)… they did an insane strings jam for like 12-15 minutes at one point. Was special.

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Fair enough. Anything twangy like that sounds country to me though. :arteta:

Yeah, when I say country, my friends are all Shania Twain and Dolly Parton.

Whereas the music I actually like is more indie. My fave bands are Zac Brown Band and Green River Ordinance.

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