Westworld (Sky Atlantic)


I take it I should really persist with this again?


You definitely should, the series’ has everything - good stories, good character development, so many little twists and turns and clues you can pick out along the way if you enjoy that sort of thing. It’s satisfying on every level really.

I also have a little theory which seems to have gone unseen by the reddit crowd. Blurred spoiler below:

In episode 6 we see Theresa talking to someone on link up in the command room who is Chinese. We have no idea who he is, but Theresa clearly understands the language. I can speak some Chinese and I’m pretty sure he says to her to light a cigarette, which she then does. So my feeling is she is a Chinese asset of some kind, perhaps even a robot, and that ‘light a cigarette’ is some kind of command code, although her death would perhaps count against this.

Interestingly we also have Maeve programmed to infiltrate the Mainland, which could possibly be a reference to something Chinese, although the common view is that West World is on an Island. We have the possibility of Samurai world, which though is Japanese, is at least Asian. And we have Chinese tourists in the brothel in William’s time arch, and I really want to watch that again to pay attention to what they are saying.

EDIT: listened to it again and I was wrong about cigarettes. The dialogue is as follows: it’s appearance means there is no time delay - or something very similar to this.


Persevered to the end of the season, it was worth it, just about. Not to sound like a Neanderthal but I wish theyd cut down on the existential philosophising a bit in favour of moving the plot forward at a bit of a brisker pace.

Nonetheless, patience did pay off in those last 2-3 episodes.


Interesting theory and nice catch, I can easily see Samurai World or East World (heh) having a role to play next season.

In the original Roman World and Medieval World were also under Delos’ ownership so why not?


I enjoyed it too but I actually feel it was a little bit style over substance. Was expecting some sort of revelation about manifest destiny but it was all just simple razzle dazzle and lazy twists that I thought were fairly predictable.

The first season of Wayward Pines was much more suspenseful and intriguing.


Finished the season today. Mind-blowing. Forget the early confusion, it’s perfectly set up. Deep, layered and meticulous. One of the craftiest shows I’ve ever seen. So many jaw dropping moments. Couldn’t believe how a few things played out.


You Neanderthal!


Season 2’s started brilliantly. Going at a really quick pace too.


Finally watched Season 2.

Just a bunch of contrived nonsense, which is a shame because season 1 was brilliant. I guess there was nowhere left for the series to go. By the last episode I was bored beyond belief. The one redeeming episode was the bottleneck episode with the Indian but that was really just a series 1 episode told again from another character POV.


I watched the first two episodes of second season and thought it was rubbish - will give a go at some stage but seemed pretty confused and without the same sort of intrigue as season one.