West Ham United Vs Arsenal (PL)


When @Arsenal4thetreble says it’ll be an easy win, put some money on us dropping points.


which is every match lol


If it’s true that Walcott would make the difference between us winning and losing matches, then what does that say about Wenger, who doesn’t even put him on the bench?


When you spend 50m on a striker you have to give the guy a chance it’s politics.


He leaves him out of the first team as well.
It would seem Wenger hasn’t a clue what he is doing.
He doesn’t put Walcott in the first team or on the bench, and waits more than five seasons to replace Giroud and eventually, when he does, he spends 50m on a striker who he leaves out of the starting line up.


You’re right.
If Wenger wasn’t our manager we would have lost to Burnley and we would be seven points behind them.
Because we beat them so convincingly, I still think we have a great chance of catching Burnley up and getting our rightful sixth place back off them.


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