West Ham United Vs Arsenal (PL)


Good idea, bring on our best striker with 7 minutes to go. Sick and tired of Wengers fucking antics. What the fuck was with the team selection? Can’t stand that we are in 7th now after we finally looked to have built some momentum a few weeks back.

Seriously don’t get why we still have to suffer with this man at the helm. CANT FUCKING STAND THIS ANY LONGER


as I said, wasn’t looking forward

that’s why, lucky to get a point



To you guys: don’t open a thread for Newcastle on saturday. I just don’t want to comment another shit performance.


Last season copied Conte, tonight copied Pep Guardiola.

Depressing, boring game.

This team needs a tactical & technical revolution. I’m sorry for AW, a father figure for me, but it’s time to start a new chapter with a new manager, new coaches and new players.


I can ban you for a few days if you like cos thats honestly the only way you won’t comment :smiley:


Let’s see. I can mute the thread.


Could’ve made this post anytime in the past 5 years, and like usual it won’t change anything. He’ll still be here and we’ll still all make posts just like this one, probably for the rest of eternity in fact. I’m convinced he actually is “invincible” and will never leave our club.


Wenger in 2100:


90 mins of side to side passing. We are genuinely one of the least exciting teams in the league.


this guy :mustafi: :mustafi: :mustafi:


We were only ever going to be in a top 4 challenge. Thats were we are and what we are. Declining by the season and have been dull to watch mostly for 3 seasons now. No permatation is going to sort any of this out. Just got to invest all our hopes in the cups and hope it energises some of this lot enough to have a go
Short of this happening theres nothing going on at this club.
Sad to say but we look pretty much dead in the water and hold very little significance in the league.


Even top four is starting to look a little bit beyond us. The manager seems to have no answers on the training ground whatsoever.


Boring, boring Arsenal right now


Yeah we weren’t at our best this week, but to say we will struggle to get top four is a hyperbole right now. We’re only one point behind Spurs, who are in 4th place and who play Man City on Saturday.

A lot of amateur dramatics in here tonight



Yea by Luca mainly. For the most part people are just saying “meh”.


Lol, hilarious that ppl are so happy before the match when Theo doesn’t make the team, then of course we don’t score any goals which we haven’t been for a long long time in the league. Lmao imagine needing goals and snubbing your nose at a guy who is doing something to create a goal almost every game…only Arsenal fanatics lmao, what an intelligent fan base with very high football IQ. :joy:


Defending Sanchez and Walcott. Troll of the year is yours.


yes defending a guy who almost scored 20 goals last year with limited playing time…oh and we aren’t scoring goals atm because we dont play direct or fast football…gee wonder who on earth plays direct and is fast…smh


For sure Sherlock.