West Ham United Thread


Those emails do indeed appear to have been typed using a dildo.


This type of circus is so typical of West Ham. Revealing emails is highly unprofessional!


What an unprofessional as fuck looking email.

I’m sure fans will be excited to see which aplayer they’ll be borrowing from PSG.


Not sure if I can post this, don’t want end up like Drayton but:


As far as I’m concerned a dildo or two is ok, as long as they aren’t being inserted anywhere :flushed:


Are you talking members here or…?


Good one West Ham :joy::joy::joy:


Yeah, for sure.


No coffee, no Sarri.


Does this mean the West Ham board is officially more ambitious than Arsenal’s? :mustafi: :wenger:


but he might like london and the shopping!



It made me laugh when Sullivan said, we will only think about getting rid of him when things get desperate.

So losing at home to Brighton by three goals, being just above the relegation places and having a manager that looks like he has lost the dressing room, isn’t desperate enough?

They are just looking for a suitable replacement before they announce it.


They’re probably just waiting for Moyes to find alternative employment so that they don’t have to consider him :grin:


I think most PL clubs are doing the same :smiley:


Good. Drag them further into the relegation zone.


“50 hundred quid.” :sweat_smile: AFTV anger got nuffink on West 'Am.


Eastender meets Peaky Blinder.


David Moyes expected to be confirmed soon.


Thet’s not going to be a popular appointment. My mate just said:

“Hope the noisy West Ham minority are happy. Driven out a good man who understood the fans and lumbered us with this clueless ginger lump.” :speak_no_evil:

It’s a shame but at least Slav was given a chance and not sacked at the first hiccup. Beating Spurs towards the end of last season no doubt bought him these extra few months.