West Ham United Thread


Have noticed they always have something to say.


Always the American account talking shit


That’s the reason why i don’t like germans. They always tend to be cocky and arrogant. They never learn from the past.


In football terms they have every right to be arrogant don’t they?


Jokes went over your head kaner :wink:


West 'aaam after Javier Hernandez, would be another good signing after Hart and Arnautovic I think. Could be ready to pounce if any of the Top 6 clubs don’t start well


Quite impressed with their transfer window

I’m surprised more teams were not after Hart. Hernandez was a quality finisher for Utd so im assuming he will do well for the Hammers as well


I’ve never really rated Hart that much but still a good loan signing for West Ham (better then what they have) and Hernandez at 13 million is a fantastic signing as well


Would love to see him back in the league tbh. Did bits for united while he was there.


After all the fuss about Everton signings I think west hams 3 this week are better. Darlings of the media cup final right there.


Wasn’t impressed with Arnautovic really but Hernandez is a great signing for West Ham considering how many times they’ve been knocked back in their search for a good striker.


Agreed, Hernandez is maybe as good as it gets for West Ham. Arnautovic is shit.


Arnautovic is a homeless persons Zlatan


West Ham have finally bought a proper striker.


I don’t think too much of Hart. He’s a very mistake prone keeper and is slightly passed his best anyway. Arnautovic is just another whatever type signing from West Ham.

Chicarito is a good signing though.


They can finish in the top 10 and don’t have a struggling season like the last one now.


Arnautovic will be useful for them.


I’m dying :joy: :joy: :joy:


I’m just glad there’s no video.:gunnersaurus:



CL qualification clause… :joy: