West Ham United Thread


Marseille or Stratford, it’a s toughie


Exactly. Stay in London :wink:



From wikipedia:

“In March 1997, Everton manager Joe Royle brokered a £4.5 million move, with Bilić claiming he had a debt of loyalty to West Ham to stay with the club until the end of the season to ensure they were not relegated.[10] West Ham finished in 14th place, two points above the relegation places.[11]”

Therein lies the difference really. If Payet hadn’t refused to play, and at least had the decency to knuckle down until the summer before leaving, I’m sure Bilic wouldn’t be quite so riled. But if he did still get riled in that scenario, then he’d be a hypocrite.


Hypocrisy is always there somewhere, lurking in the background. Never take a pop at these players who want massive money, who want out from one club to the next, unless you can hand on heart say you wouldn’t do it yourself.


It’s the ultimate snub in the digital age: being deleted from a WhatsApp group. That’s the reality which has been delivered to Dimitri Payet at West Ham, according to The Sun.

The report suggests the group administrator Pedro Obiang has taken the decision to remove the West Ham outcast, who is trying to force a move back to Marseille.


Pedro Obiang is the admin? I would have gone with Noble or Feghouli for that.


The whole thing smacks of toxicity overwhelming the player. Club is going through a rough season and appears his family are not settling well. I think he had a decent chance of going to a big club but that’ll be all she wrote once he heads back to Marseille.


Be interesting to see what happens to Payet now. Marseille have ended their interest in him, so will he be a man and apologise to West Ham and hope for a move in the summer? Surely playing for West Ham is better than not playing at all.


not a single fuck is given about this situation ! I hope they get relegated !


The carefully-managed welcoming Payet back into the fold, going from boos and jeers to name chants and cheers after he scores, is going to be particularly excruciating :laughing:



West Ham are a retirement home from old glories :wenger:


They have a diabolical transfer policy.


Slaven Bilić has a nice way with words…


Zero fucks given for the Hammers, but just do Lolpool will ya? COYI.


Antonio will score for West Ham



Stupid Bayern social media are cunts.


Got trolled badly :poldi: