West Ham United Thread


Agreed. Not really needed here and he’s not got many years left. Would rather invest in a younger Cazorla replacement.


He’s definitely needed here if we want to use Alexis as striker which sees us play our best football.


Where would you play him?


I’d happily pay £50m for him. He’s in the Ozil/Alexis bracket and we might lose both of them. Also Giroud would be thankful to have crosses from him


He is not in the Ozil Sanchez bracket :joy:


[quote=“Phoebica, post:97, topic:178”]
Yeah he signed a new deal last year, a couple of days after he said: “I say and I repeat, I’m proud to wear the shirt of West Ham. My future is here and I hope for many years.”
[/quote]That sentence alone really shows you whatever footballers say, has to be taken with a pinch of salt in this day and age.


Payet-Alexis-Welbeck, with ozil behind could be interesting.


Lol he’s absolutely not in their bracket


Walcott, Chamberlain and Iwobi (yet) do not suffice for a proper title contending team.


His stats ie goals/assists in his last 4 seasons pretty much matches Ozil.


Also a free kick specialist which we badly need!


He’s not quite Alexis or Ozil level but on form he’s not far off them. Absolutely sublime player and would probably be our 3rd best player along with Santi.


It’s not FIFA, it’s not PES. We have only two midfielders for the next six games and there are people which prefer to add another winger to our squad :facepalm:

Hey guys, we have Ozil, Walcott, Oxlade, Lucas, Welbeck, Alexis, Iwobi, Adelaide and potentially Ramsey for three places. 9 players for 3 shirts.


Pretty sure payet will have ACM as his position on football manager/FIFA, That would make him the same as Santi cazorla to some people


Adelaide is not a real option at this point. You could count Bielek and those guys as squad players too with that logic.

Alexis has been our striker and Welbeck is one of the back up strikers. So that makes 9 players for 4 positions.

Number-wise we might be good. Quality-wise not. But I don’t think payet is the answer.




Numbers are useless if there isn’t quality. And in that list there isn’t first team quality to supplement Sanchez and Ozil.

Alexis is our striker. Iwobi is too inexperienced and a good squad player. Walcott is an outlet and only an outlet. Oxlade is just poor. Ramsey is a joke. Welbeck is a good squad player. Lucas is a good squad player. Adelaide… :joy:

Payet walks into our first XI flanks without question. The question marks are price and age. Quality-wise he has no competition anywhere near his level out wide.


We don’t want Özil playing out wide and Wenger hasn’t played him there much at all since his first season (unless I’m much mistaken). Alexis should clearly be considered our first choice striker now, if he’s fit that’s where he should play, I’d like our wide options to be good enough to never need to move Alexis there. Ramsey is a central midfielder, let’s be honest. Adelaide isn’t a player that should be factoring into any sort of discussion about the first team.

So really we should be talking about Walcott, Oxlade, Lucas, Welbeck and Iwobi. Not nine players. That’s five players for the 2 wide positions in the team, I don’t think they are good enough options for a team aspiring to be the best (I give Iwobi a pass on that front ofc as he’s young and still developing. No, I do not make the same allowance for AOC). Decent options they may be, but not nailed on starters at an ambitious top club.

If an opportunity to upgrade on these players presents itself then we should take it, and then if we have too many players dispose of a couple in the next window. I’d be disappointed if our mediocre wide options prevented us upgrading simply because there were so many of them in the first place.

However, I’m not sure if Payet is that guy. I’d like to sign him as ability wise he’d be an upgrade. But at 30 years old, never having really played for a top side and the money it would take to sign him, I’m not sure this is the move we should be making.

I guess my point is that we should be upgrading our wide positions. Now Alexis is no longer a wide options what we have isn’t good enough.


I’d still have Payet for some £20m or w/e. Maybe not a lot more. Maybe he’d reignite here.


Still wanna go to Marseille Payet?