West Ham United Thread


He is either a gambler or drug taker and possibly both ,he must owe some bad people money !


Really? He’s a good striker but 25M?


[quote=“Calum, post:83, topic:178”]
Really? He’s a good striker but 25M?
[/quote]In before someone claims 25m is 10m in old money :gunnersaurus:


If he can keep winning penalties like he did on Sunday at the Emirates he certainly will be.


£25m is really not very much anymore. Watford got a £30m bid for Deeney.

I’d be very surprised if Bournemouth took that kind of money.


I sincerely hope that this trashy club and it’s murdering trash supporters, owned by Satan and mini me porn mate empire, backed by ride me, I’m got half a brain and long dark hair Bradyget relegated, and are made to pick up the tab from selling Upton Park to Tesco or Bin Laden’s mates when it becomes a mosque.
Fucking wankers



on Arsenal “They’re candidates for the title every year

He is insane then, stay clear.


Or does he just possess that famous Arsenal belief??? I’m sure he’ll fit right in.


I’d love to have him lol

edit: he can start professing his love for us by wrecking Man United now.


Fucking Mike Dean put the kibosh on that.


Just seen the press conference with Bilic. He seems absolutely livid with Payet, pretty damming about him. He’s taking a tough line with him, but it’s very difficult for West Ham to keep hold of him, there’s obviously genuine interest for him.


He said he wants to play for Arsenal. Could imagine Chelsea and PSG being in for him, maybe even United. Maybe even Real as a back up although I don’t know if they’ll fancy his lack of pressing.


Yes please.


They should hold him to his contract, but player power will win out. I hate the system but we’re part of it, and Payet would undeniably improve us. Also we’re about the highest level Payet could reach in the football food chain, so he’s unlikely to mess us about if we nabbed him on a 3 year deal at age 30.

Edit: Just seen he’s under contract until 2021 :laughing: They can name their price, which means we’ll probably need to break our transfer fee to get him.


Yeah he signed a new deal last year, a couple of days after he said: “I say and I repeat, I’m proud to wear the shirt of West Ham. My future is here and I hope for many years.” :laughing:


So what’s his plan? Back to France?


Via Arsenal.


Yes. I think the new owner wants to bring him back,


Wouldn’t spend more than £15m on him £20m at a push