West Ham United Thread


West Ham have always been the same. Blame an outsider like Alladyce, Ardilles, Macari etc. Get relegated by Billy fucking Bonds one of their own and it was sack the board. Fucking boring cliched club this lot.
Intimadating ground, yeah on the outside. Fuck them.


Here’s hoping something like this happens to spurs when they move into their new stadium, it’ll be another corporate bowl.


Course it will be.

Atmosphere will decline, same as ours, same as West Ham.

Maybe the “Arsenal fans are quieter than everyone else” thing will finally die away, probably not though.



Atmosphere at the emirates can be shocking at times. At every home match without fail I can always here some woman called maria persistently shouting “ARSENAL ARSENAL ARSENAL” during the quiet moments.


It’s pretty shocking most of the time. A few give it their best shot but most people just aren’t willing to join in. They’ll do it in a big game in particular circumstances (even then they can’t manage it consistently), so it’s not like these people are completely averse to singing.

I really don’t get it, when I first started regularly going to Highbury as a little kid one of the main things I fell in love with was thousands of people in unison singing songs. I loved how loud it was, that people had free reign to behave in a way that was completely unacceptable in any other context. As a seven year old I found the fruity language to be exceptionally thrilling haha.

I honestly can’t understand why you wouldn’t want to join in chants at a football match. It makes the whole experience better for everyone involved, including the team.


Yeah I don’t know who paying top dollar for a season ticket and not making noise. It’s pretty much always quiet whenever I’ve sat in the upper parts. Best times i’ve had is in the lower corners.

I’d like to think safe standing end would go a long way in improving the atmosphere, Don’t why there hasn’t been alot of movement with it. Either way it’s pretty embarrassing for our support


An ugly atmosphere seemed to have been brewing throughout the match and as the game neared the end, riot police were deployed to maintain order as home and away fans came together in a section of the stadium concourse.

West Ham’s new stadium is an absolute disaster


What’s that got to do with the stadium? Apart from that being where it happened, it could equally have happened at Stamford Bridge or Upton Park.


It has been time since Chavski and West Ham fans clashed. An old rivalry is coming back.


I think the fact it wasn’t built specifically as a football stadium segregating the away and home fans is an issue they are obviously struggling to deal with


No I think its more to do with the fact that West Ham have always had scum fans and that moving to a new stadium just lets more of them in .
Add to that stewards not trained specifically trained properly in Football Crowd control and you have a recipe for violence .
West Ham have a long long history of Violence and they killed my friend John Dickinson in '82 ,they havent changed much they are still scumbags !


Their stewards from Upton Park haven’t completely followed over to the new stadium so that isn’t going to help. You have ‘unknown stewards’ from this stadium company that don’t have the ‘rapport’ with some of the fans. That’s the first point.

Secondly I was reading about some law that has prohibited the presence of police in the stadium up until now. I mean, no police whatsoever in and around the concourse for a London derby, especially this one? Not advisable.

But equally I don’t remember this happening in 2006 at ‘Emirates Stadium’. The fact this was kicking off at West Ham vs Middlesbrough and West Ham vs Watford tells you that you have some particularly unhappy West Ham fans relocating from a great ground to a (probable) crappy soulless bowl ground and they aren’t happy. Then you have a few relics from the 1970s/1980s that look for trouble at games and are using this as a cover to start violence.


We are a club with better behaved supporters ,we also moved only a matter of yards which means we took our stewards from one place to the next and we have always been good at training them , our policing was always much better than that of other grounds too .
West Ham are of course doing everything on the cheap , it isnt their ground and the stewards are provided by the owners of the stadium .
They wont spend a nickle more than they have to ,they will try and push the cost onto the Stadium Owners who ae reluctant to further aid west hams coffers !
Those of you who have been to a game at the old Boleyn will tell you it wasnt for the feint hearted .
They should be banned from holding games there until they can resolve the problem as somone is going to get badly hurt or worse real soon !


I think I read a few weeks ago that this was down to the Police not being satisfied with the radio coverage within the stadium.


All good points and I agree, i think they’ll get on top of it sooner rather than later though.

West 'Am can’t be doing with this sort of negative PR in 2016, a bit of HD CCTV and a few banning orders will keep the trouble out of the stadium and onto the streets at least. Not that it’s any better out on the streets, but at that point I don’t think you can do a lot about it.

i’ve been in police cordons (mainly at the Lane ofc) in the 90s, 00s and this decade as well at various ages, it’s never going to be eliminated. What has improved over time is the efficiency of the policing, but it’s taken quite a few incidents of trouble for that improvement to happen. Last season’s League Cup tie at Tottenham away was probably the 3rd or 4th worst i’ve experienced and even then I couldn’t fault the policing.

Common sense should prevail, don’t take your kid to certain games. The Chelsea dad with his 8yo daughter and the coins; it’s terrible but i’d question his common sense quite frankly.


Ive not been to the Olympic stadium so I cant comment too much but as you might understand I’m not a fan of these “Mockney” boys .
They killed a mate of mine who was 23 years old and Ive never forgotten it ,1st May 1982 . No-one was arrested for it , then to see them brandishing knives at Boro fans ,well it brought it all back to me and It sickens me to the stomach !


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Brady finally snapped.