West Ham United Thread


Point being that people are so emo about Arsene they talk no sense most of the time.


West Ham losses are good though because it will invariably mean more of Dom’s rants. :sunglasses:


Hearing stories of some real aggro going on at the ‘London Stadium’ (:joy:) between the supporters since their move.

I remember the teething problems at ‘Emirates Stadium’ in 06/07 with the amount of new ST holders, people being int he wrong areas, standers in conflict with sitters etc. Took a few seasons for people to migrate to the right areas.

Quite depressing at the start if you get there for Match #1 and you can’t see because the person infront of you insists on standing (or equally, for balance, when you’re used to standing and you have someone behind you whinging at you to sit). The eternal problem rages on.



Another great thing about thos forum is the search function, so you can name and shame folks easy.

Like I would have went HARD for the Moyes, Martinez and Laudrup crowds if we were here at the time.


Man, life at their new stadium couldn’t be going any worse for them. Five defeats in the opening six matches means its their worst start to a season in history. They’ve conceded 16 goals in 6 games :coq:


Billic under pressure now if they don’t beat Boro. They look very average though. Maybe this is their level and they overachieved last season




Mono audio… 2016 and they upload a video in mono. I hope they get relegated for that.


How to speak like a Londoner :wink:


Jesus! Is this cockney? Fucking mugs!


Don’t insult the speech of my people. :bellerin:


Are you from the East End? :bellerin:


Nope and you’re right…Genuine Cockneys are from the East End. But the way I speak is practically the same.

Even though I’m German. :gunnersaurus: :ozil2:


London-based german speaker. But maybe the scousers are the worst :coq:



That video could’ve easily been any normal Arsenal Fan TV moment after a defeat, it was uncanny :wenger:



So up north they “becossss”.


Another good post-match analysis from Dom.

If you had the Chelsea interviewer, + turn Dom into a Gooner, + talking about Arsenal then it would be just about spot on for me.


I seriously can’t believe how bad West Ham have been this season so far when you compare it to the form they showed last season.


I suppose that’s what happens when you have a very good year and you’re not a top team.

Harm to maintain and build upon that kind of consistency but with that said they have been fucking terrible.

Perhaps moving to a new stadium is not as seamless as it seems.


I do feel bad for the fans with regards to the stadium.