West Ham United Thread


Greedy owners, making empty promises while making massive profits.
It doesn’t help when they sell their best players without replacing them and then lose, at home, 3-0 to Burnley.


No as good as AFTV :mustafi:.

Apart from joke, i do feel their pain. When the club just don’t care it’s bloody awful.


Its the West Ham way. Happy hammers and all that bollocks. Fuck them.


I love Dom and Nicky, a great double act :sunglasses: Need their own show. Nicky’s deadpan expression while Dom’s ranting away cracks me up for some reason, every time :smile:

West Ham staying up, a bigger fackin miracle than the big fackin bang! I just can’t take no more Nicky


What a fucking stadium, where 500 people can actually go and protest in front of the director’s box during a game :joy:


Hart, what a fucking cunt! Deserve to stay at home and not go to Russia, fucking shit goalie who is having the game of his life against us.


AHAHAH! The cunt cocked up now :mustafi:



Fuck! That would be a massive appointment.


That would be a decent appointment.
Although it is a big jump from Ukraine to the PL.

Whatever happens I don’t think Moyes is going to hang around with those two shysters, Sullivan and Gold.


Lol at at Moyes and Allardyce getting sacked hours between each other




“Come on Big Sam and Moyesy and join us on the magic, managerial, merry-go-round”
Shouted Hughesy, Pardewy, Pulisy.
“There’s plenty of room on here, and loads of clubs we haven’t been to yet.”



What a tweet :joy::joy::joy:


Guess that’s what they have to pay to attract someone of his level (not that I personally rate him incredibly highly)


Best clickbait title of all time.


It worked as well as being amusing, I clicked expecting something far worse


Very good signing.


Is it? Not sure i rate Fabianski as good anymore he leaks goals like a sieve. Is a likeable guy but is he really an upgrade on what they had?


He’s been one of the best goalkeepers in the league the last few seasons!