West Ham United Thread


Not really. I would have warned him, and then got on with it.


Weird to respond to someone’s post and not be willing to expand on why you disagree but ok

Why would you have warned him if you didnt think there was anything wrong with what he said?


I said there wasn’t anything bad, not wrong.


Bad and wrong seem synonymous here imo if we’re talking about whether what he said was ok or not.

This is why it’s worth elaborating, it makes it clearer what your point actually is. You keep engaging with my responses to you but won’t explain your point. As I said, weird.


I think what he said was very bad for a person in any position let alone his.


He got fired? For that?


He did.


Why are you surprised? He said he didn’t want to sign Africans because they cause mayhem. That’s discriminatory and a gross generalisation of an entire continent.


What non sense.
He was stupid enough to admit or openly say such things but surely this must have been a collective decision rather than one person having prejudices.

West ham simply wanted to save their face I guess. If they want to punish, punish the whole pack then.


Nonsense is what he said, not how West Ham reacted.


Now now. Don’t start causing mayhem on the forums or we’ll have to reconsider who we let sign up


I don’t believe sacking someone is ever right.

I am pretty sure what he said came out more wrong than how they actually conducted as a club.

Given an opportunity to sign someone like Salah or Ziyech or Yaya Toure comes up, they wouldn’t have to think twice about it.

I don’t know him beyond his interview but he seems like a guy who said something stupid and kept digging a bigger hole for himself. Good chance he is more professional in practice and just poor trained media wise.

Surely not deserving to lose his job.
You are causing unemployment for something so minor.


What kind of moronic statement is that :laughing:


@Shill sack Jakey. Mocks me, how dare he?


How is discrimination minor?


How do I explain this? Discrimination is not minor but what he did I don’t think is discriminatory, just bit stupid or recency bias more like.

It happens in everyone’s life.


How is it not discriminatory to say that you dont want to sign players from an entire continent because of the behaviour of one person?

That’s basically textbook, dictionary definition discrimination.


Oh well.

Maybe cultural thing.

Over here, we tend to not be so sensitive to words.
Just words.

It’s the action that matters


Over there in India, if you call someone a nigger, is that just words, or is that an action? :cowboy_hat_face:



Much like Indians being mocked for call centre jobs and all.

Who gives a fuck about words.

We are not women.