West Ham United Thread


Well I mean if that doesn’t highlight the bias that some people face I don’t know what will lol. Absolutely outrageous.



“but let me tell you all the ways that it is actually textbook racism”


Nothing wrong with the African race m8.


“African race”.

What a bunch of fucking pillocks.


Not really the sharpest tool in the shed this guy, eh?



Haha you can see in his words that he knows he is just digging a bigger hole for himself with every sentence.


@Trion knows this feeling well :wink:


:joy: Evra is absolutely toast, waste of money even on a short term deal. Play a youngster.


They already have an aging defence.

Also, it’s cool that they have replaced a spitter with a king fu kicker


Cringe level 9999


What happened to mayhem and all that?


I guess Evra is French rather than African, without wanting to get into that minefield.

They also suspended the bloke who said that and will claim they never agreed with his sentiments


He didn’t really say anything that bad anyway.


15mins after posting:


What absolute bollocks. He stereotyped an entire continent of people based on the supposed behavioural issues he encountered with one individual, denying employment to anyone else who happens to come from one of the 57 countries in that continent.

Leaving morals aside, what he said was legally wrong and if any individual could demonstrate that they had been denied employment by West Ham they quite possibly could have been done under the Equal Oppurtunities Act.


Well, I wouldn’t have fired him.


Obviously not, because you seem to have no problem with what he said.




Care to offer any explanation?