West Ham United Thread


Not sure why they didnt approach Brendan Rodgers tbh. Worth a punt on a prem team again now.


I don’t actually think the ownership at West Ham is too bad, their execution is poor though.

Love to see Tuchel in the PL. West ham is an below average spot for him tbh


West Ham fans on the radio have been banging on about getting Rodgers. It’s very rare that fans get the manager they want though - mainly because they usually aim higher than they should.

Sure they can make approach. Nothing to lose. Maybe they have. Maybe Everton have too. But Celtic are a bigger club than West Ham. Rodgers has guareented European football there. The fans love him. Why would he give that up for a relegation battle at a club where he’ll be turfed out with the rubbush in a couple of years.

Perhaps after a little longer at Celtic he’ll decide he wants more of a challenge but I don’t think he’s done there yet - and who knows, they could go on a decent run in the Europa League this season.


Moyes is like Wenger. Can’t deny he did a great job at Everton where he maintained a core and replaced players as they left and always bounced back from bad form, but that was years ago in a different market. Even with their new supposed money, he couldn’t do for Everton in 2017 what he did for Everton in 2007, so I don’t see what rejuvenation he’s going to bring to a club like West Ham.

I get the impression West Ham and maybe Newcastle are clubs that think they should be Evertons. Not fighting at the top but consistently near the top in the “best of the rest”. Maybe that’s too much to ask for consistently when you also have the likes of Southampton, Stoke, Swansea who are as established in the PL now as anyone (and seem equally yoyoish these days in regard to league positions).



Never really liked West Ham since that season Payet carried them 2 years back, can’t blame their fans getting excited and cocky back then but it looks like a ‘L’ now :joy:


Did I miss Moyes having a spell with Everton this year?!


I think he was speaking theoretically.


West Ham deciding on their next manager



Hypothetically :stuck_out_tongue:

Give him 10 years at Everton again and he’s never going to do as well as he did for his previous 10 year spell because things have moved on, so that should no longer be used to as a meaningful way to judge him and without that spell he’s had a pretty terrible managerial record.


I don’t understand the disrespect thrown at Moyes.
That guy was one of the reason we could laugh at United for past 3-4 seasons.

If anything, we should knight him for that.


Moyes is coming in with Phil Neville. A perfect duo to relegate them :wenger:


Theres a duo in charge who have already started that.


I’m waiting for the day that I wake up to this news & our manager has been given the arse, been waiting for 6 years now but I will continue to be patient.


Moyes confirmed.

Not sure who looked at his recent managerial work and thought, “yeah he is the man for the job”. His stock can literally get no lower.

On a side note, his contract with Man United ends in 2019 :grin:

Reading the comments on this tweet, it’s safe to say this appointment hasn’t gone down well




I really really dislike Arbeloa…


Interesting Appointment, his performance at West Ham should be an good indicator of where Moyes’ ability as a manager is at after successive failures.


He was supposed to do well at Sunderland as well, as it was a small club, not a big one like United.
Think the United year has ruined him.


Sunderland was in the toilet though before he got there. Sociedad was the one. I may be wrong about their circumstances but I was under the impression he was in a position to do better there.

Moyes clearly isn’t a short term fixer. Whether he can still build something when given a couple of seasons remains to be seen.