West Brom vs Arsenal (Premier League)


West Brom vs Arsenal
Saturday 18 March 12:30
Premier League

Tough game. We’ll probably struggle against Pulis’ side. 1-1.


  • West Brom win
  • Draw
  • Arsenal win

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Time to get our domestic form back on track. Must win. 3 - 1 to the Arsenal


WBA have been on the beach since they got 40 points.

Easy win. 0-2


Not looking forward to this. I think it will be pretty tight, but above all very boring.

Is there protest with the plane flying over the stadium going ahead?


They do call Pulis the 40 point man. His teams seem to decline after reaching that magic marker. But that’s usually because he is fighting relegation - his West Brom team this season seem a lot better so I’m not taking anything for granted. I think it’ll be a hard fought draw.


I am looking forward to a big win, and then Wenger will be satisfied of the mental strength of the team, and announce his extension.

Come on, Wenger, don’t disappoint me. I know your tricks.


Hopefully a win. We need it to keep in touch with the 4th spot.


I think a 1-1 draw, WBA have been reasonable by their standards this year & We are terribly out of sorts.


Rugby for me. There is about the same intrigue left in the six nations as this year’s PL but the rugby will​ be far more entertaining at least.

1-0 or 2-1 win for us but we are gonna be garbage I’d bet. Will be the third game from four i wont have watched but strangely the odd one out i was actually in attendance. :smile:


Not expecting an Arsenal win


Yep Rugby for me too. Boring crap 0 0 . I think people are in for a shock how many points were going to drop between now and the end of the season.


I voted for a win simply because every game now (and before now, come to that) is a must win. So I’m putting my karma, not my money you’ll note, on a 1-3 result. COYG!


Our 4th spot race starts now. We are usually good at it :wink:




These guys are being a bit dramatic lol

The fans have been widely chastised on social media for their claims that Wenger is “killing their club” but the staunchest members of the anti-Wenger movement have vowed to continue their activities until the 67-year-old leaves the club after over 20 years as its manager.

“If he said he was leaving we’d get behind him and let him go with some dignity,” the crowdfunding campaign founder Chris Butler said. “But he’s ruining that.

“We are long, long, long suffering. He still hasn’t apologised for the Bayern game. What is the point of being in Europe if we can’t compete? We’re an embarrassment.”


Wouldn’t surprise me if we won but wouldn’t be shocked if we lost. Tony Pullis teams at home seem to do us over and bully us out of the game. doesn’t matter what team Wenger puts out cause it makes no diference really depends if his players are up for it. I’m going for a WBA win maybe 1-0, WBA are a tough side that we don’t need right now.


We’re going to lose or draw in the last 15 minutes of the game.


Have a coffee and relax :wink:


You know things are shit when your checking the table and realise Fucking Everton are 3 points behind you in 7th place.


We are soooooo predictable Aussie. All teams have to do is run at us when we have the ball and our bottle goes.
We just don’t seem to be able to handle the pressing from other teams.
I can predict today’s game now.
We get ball, bellerin and Montreal run like fkk down wings. We lose ball because pullis’s team’s always get stuck into us and we are in deep shit.
But on a positive note. We might have a few players that just aren’t good enough, but with o zil and Sanchez in our side we have the quality to get a win here.
Just hope all systems are from the first minute.