West Brom Thread


I really could do with not seeing his smarmy face for a while. Really baffling when the desperate clubs attain the likes of a Pardew or an Allerdyce with the hope of restoring order and progressing as a football club. They’re just as much mercenaries as the players who flip flop between a bunch of clubs in the hopes of swindling more money for themselves.




Works well at Celtic so can’t see why it can’t be allowed in England tbh


Very nice to see and fully deserved.


He did a great job and maybe with a few more games could have kept them up but I’m sure they will be one of the favourites to come back up again.


Would have stayed up if they had appointed him instead of Pardew.


Would have stayed up with Pulis tbh. Proved themselves in the boardroom totally clueless. Going to lose a few players now. Wont be back for a while.


I think Moore will be a decent Championship manager. Think next season will be tough with the loss of some players but I think he’ll be there to bring them back up.


Pulis was doing crap, tbh. He seems to have lost his magic touch.


Nah it was early enough in the season to have turned it round.