West Brom Thread


Surprised they sacked him since theirs no one out their to replace him with unless they bring in koeman


Wonder why Coleman never seeked a job like this really.


It’s simple: middle table clubs haven’t evolved at all.




From Pulis to Megson to Pardew.

Nice to see West Brom with a modern approach when it comes to their managers.
Where do they go when choosing a new manager?
Jurassic Park.

They should be called West Boring.


Fresh new idea for them. Pardew is another dinosaur.


From the realistic candidates I think Pardew is an alright choice to be honest. I remember thinking that he was harshly sacked from West Ham all those years ago. He’s usually a safe choice for a couple of seasons anyway.

I’m just gutted he wasn’t put in charge before yesterday’s match. I would have liked to have seen his Wembley dance again.


Bored of this endless cycle of mostly British managers moving around teams in the bottom half. We’ll hear the same tired clichés spouted before he’s inevitably sacked in the next season or two.


And yet the spanish clown they had never gets a mention. No one nation has a monopoly on crap managers.


Definitely not! Just that it’s always the same managers being recycled and linked to jobs in the prem


Everyone complains about the lack of british managerial talent when ironically its old shit british managers who represent their biggest barrier.

Half the league is just recycling the same shit.


Was it ever any different though? Was there ever an era where a few young managers all came through at once and had decent success? 5-10 years in a job was the norm for managers until the PL era so I really never understood where this idea that younger managers should be making the breakthrough regularly came from.

Even then we see younger managers like Howe and Dyche now and ten years ago that was guys like Aidy Boothroyd and fifteen years back it was David Moyes. And when those guys were about we had the older generation like Joe Royle or Peter Reid switching about between clubs…they just generally got longer which is why it feels a bit more pronounced nowadays but I don’t think its ever really been any different in reality.


He probably gets bucketed with old British trash, but really surprised that no one has taken a punt on Alan Curbishley. He did really well with Charlton and was decent at West Ham getting them out of an incredible relegation mess and finishing in the top 10 the following season.

Can’t really believe he’s been out of a job for 10 years now.


I think it’s more personal desire to be out of the game than lack of interest. But I could be wrong.


Changed my mind about this club. Clearly a lot of fun :grinning:



Pardew still living off past glory with Newcastle. Overrated as fuck.


West Brom have parted with pardew.


Taxi for Pards? Evans and Barry should be able to get hold of one




5.5% win percentage as well…