Wellington Silva


Gone! Back to Fluminese in Brazil.


Six years ago when he joined us I thought he’d make it here :sweat_smile: Wish him well though!


Slowly running out of striker option for the start of the season :open_mouth:


@shamrockgooner will be delighted that he’s finally been given the boot





NOOOOOOOOOO!!! it’s gonna fucking backfire!!


Profit :santi2:


lol Buy back clause from Boudreaux too I hope.


read about this earlier, apparently we’re making about 5 million


Hope we insert another buy back clause.


How is he getting along, is there talent there still or has he given up. Some people say he has the talent but not the application some people feel he isnt talented enough to be at a club like Arsenal, but we have players like walcott…surely he has to have more talent than him.


I know there was a reason behind the name silly season.







Yep, read that earlier. I don’t think we’ve actually resigned him though.