Web Browsers

  • Firefox
  • Internet Explorer (Hahaha)
  • Google Chrome
  • Safari
  • Something else

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I’ve been using Firefox for years but recently it hasn’t been showing the twitter posts that people link on here and youtube hasn’t been running properly, and also firefox keeps crashing a lot. So I decided to download google chrome and all of those things I said about firefox have been working fine on chrome, but my problem with Chrome is that it doesn’t allow you to deleted your history everytime you close down the browser like firefox does and also the bookmarks/favourites just look so bad compared to how firefox has it layed out.

I want to have the best of both worlds, so does anyone know any other decent browsers that can do all?

There’s an extension that allows you to do that.

Added a poll in so people can vote what browsers you use.

I’ve been using Firefox for the last 10 years, still pretty happy with it :slight_smile:

Chrome on phone and laptop.

The other browsers just shouldn’t bother tbh.

Firefox. Don’t fancy the others.

While I use Firefox at the moment. If Edge keeps on it’s present trajectory I will switch. It’s slick, simple and just needs a little more work on speed and to smooth out the edges (HA!) to be something really nice.

^^ agree there. I’ve been using Firefox for a long time now and I’m not planning on switching atm. However I’ll keep an eye on Edge (maybe should be in the poll?). Hate everything Google and I don’t really like Chrome although I use it from time to time out of necessity.


I just think that when a company grows so much and so powerful it becomes a bully.

I use Windows, always have so now I’ve been using a windows phone for over a year and I have all Google related apps … well actually there are no Google apps for winphone. That means no gmail app, maps, youtube, etc. It doesn’t mean I can’t check my gmail account or use youtube, I can, just not with a dedicated Google app.

I think I read somewhere that maybe Microsoft was at fault for that, could be, I don’t really know or even care the thing is at the end of the day is the user who gets f*cked. So I can use all Google services on my Windows based PC but not on my windows phone because I need to have an Android? they love Apple but hate Microsoft?. How long until they make a functional PC with Android or Chrome and we Windows users have no longer access to their “services”?

I don’t know, maybe I’m way off. But in short, that’s how I feel about Google right now.

Chrome, but if you use it without AdBlock you are fucked.

My work phone is windows (ugh) and i had some third party app for Gmail that was pretty awful.

I don’t think you’re wrong about Google, I just reckon they’re all like that. :slight_smile:

haha, don’t you love your Lumia? is it a Lumia? I really like mine, in fact I’m about to buy another one.

Really? I use the default mail app and it woks fine enough. (win 8.1 btw).

Yeahhh… you’re right! they’re all like that, but I can’t hate of all of them at once, it’s Google time for now (lol)

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Its a lumina. I dont know which one. :slight_smile:

I had no other phone for a while but I got an android since so the only email on the work phone is work email. Ita rarely used :grin:

Safari for my phone, Firefox for the rest.

^^^ This!

easily my biggest complaint with chrome & chromium

Tor browser. Can even get on the dark web with this.

It was googled who fucked over the Consumer with Windows phone users since they didn’t want another Rivel for android.

Shame really Windows Phone was one of the best mobile OS In years shame lack of Google service an apps killed it.

I use ie10 for day 2 day browsing its fast an does its job. An I use Firefox for YouTube I like to read comments while watching videos.

Why would you even know this? :no_mouth:


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